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Dr Chiara Paola Donegani, Faculty of Social Sciences

Chiara DoneganiDr Chiara Paola Donegani is a Senior Lecturer in Economics and Course Leader for Economics at the University of Wolverhampton Business School.

She has a PhD in Quantitative Models for Policy Analysis and a MSc in Economic Policy. Her research interests are in the fields of migration, labour economics, wellbeing and third sector organisations.

Her research is mainly applied econometric work using large national and European datasets, including both social surveys and administrative data.


Migrant integration and family networks 

The debate over migration remains heated around the world as the number of international migrants is rising and in Western Europe the pace of international migration accelerates following the latest enlargement waves and by the refugee crisis.

Researchers have focused on the extent to which migrant inflows affect labour market outcomes, and migrants’ impact on the welfare and fiscal systems of host countries. However, considerations of migrants’ and refugees’ integration have not featured heavily in the literature.

This research projects seeks to answer questions related to migrant integration and the role of family networks in the UK for two different categories of migrants. The first part of the project will seek to examine migrant earnings assimilation and partner status across the UK. The second part of the project will analyse the integration of a specific group of migrants, refugees, and the association between family networks and integration outcomes of language, health, housing, education and employment.