CLA (Copyright Licensing Agency) Licence

For digitising and photocopying extracts from books or journal articles for use in teaching and learning


Our CLA licence covers the limited photocopying and scanning of most publications owned by the University for students on a specific module.   It includes most books, journals and magazines published in the UK and many that are published overseas.

(For the extent limits for photocopying and scanning under our CLA HE Licence, please see the table below).

The licence allows:

  • Lecturers to make multiple photocopies of limited extracts from copyright-protected books or journal articles (one copy per student on a specific module)
  • Digitised copies of limited extracts from copyright-protected books or journal articles for students on a specified module. These must be made via our library digitisation service to ensure accurate record keeping as required under the licence terms.

Lecturers can make copies or request scans relating to specified modules for:

  • UK campus-based students
  • Distance Learners
  • Non Credit Bearing students (NCBs)
  • University of Wolverhampton staff
  • Overseas Campus-Based students


How much can be photocopied or scanned?

  • whole chapter from a book
  • whole article from a journal/magazine
  • whole scene from a play
  • whole conference paper
  • whole report of a judicial proceedings case
  • short story, poem or play (of 10 pages or less) from an anthology
10 percent            of the total publication
...whichever is greater 

Roughly speaking, this means … one extract per work, per module.

Also, the scans or photocopies should usually be made from a book, journal or magazine that is owned by the University.

Before you photocopy or request a scanned extract:

Use the CLA’s Check Permissions tool to check whether a publication is covered by the licence and can be photocopied or scanned.  (Make sure the option for Higher Education is selected from the drop-down list.)


The Digitisation Service - for staff only

Lecturers can make requests for extracts from copyright-protected books or journal articles owned by the University.  These extracts are then scanned and made available digitally to students registered on a specific module. 

Requests can be made by completing the online form for a Book chapter or a Journal article at the bottom of the Digitisation Service webpage (NB: you will need to login to this page).

Once the extract has been digitised, you will be emailed a link which you will need to add to the relevant Canvas course. It will then be accessible to all students who are registered to that module.


If a scan is required from a book or journal that is not owned by the University, it may still be possible – just complete the online form on the Digitisation Service webpage in the normal way and the Digitisation Team will do their best to acquire a scan.

If a Lecturer makes a request for a scan, or wishes to photocopy, from a book or journal that is excluded from the CLA licence, s/he would have to either:

  • find a different resource to use, or
  • seek permission from the publisher

Please be aware that obtaining permission from a rightsholder often takes several weeks or months and there is likely to be a fee payable.

NB: the item cannot be scanned or copied if there is no response from the rightsholder or permission is not granted.

Lecturers requiring further information about the digitisation of book extracts or journal articles should contact their Liaison Librarian in the first instance.

For more information on the CLA HE licence, please visit the Copyright Licensing Agency website.



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The information given above is from the University of Wolverhampton.  The CLA HE Licence Terms and Conditions prevail.