Managing Mailing Lists with Lyris

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Welcome to IT Services interactive online training for Lyris ListManager (eLyris).

Lyris is web-based software used for managing mailing lists and sending marketing messages. It is primarily used for managing external email addresses, but can also be used for sending emails to staff and students. eg. WLVinsider.

Use the links below to access the online modules. It is recommended that you start from the beginning, however you can also use these online training modules as a refresher if you have previously attended a face-to-face course.

Getting Started How to use these Interactive Modules
  Logging in to Lyris
Members Viewing Members
  Adding Members
  Adding a List Administrator
Content Creating & Editing Content
  Personalising Content
  Inserting Images
Segments Creating Segments
  Using Segments
Mailings Creating a Mailing
  Enable Tracking
  Approve a Mailing
  Schedule a Mailing
Reporting Overview
Advanced - TBC Creating a New Subscribe Form
  Using Surveys


To request a new mailing list, please complete the ListManager Email List Request Form (Word file) and send it to the address given in the form. If you're not sure if you need a Lyris mailing list, check the options that are available and contact the IT Service Desk for further advice.

You can access Lyris by visiting this link

If you have forgotten your password, then follow this password reset page.

For any other Lyris queries, please log a call with the IT Services Service Desk on ext. 2000.