eduroam (JANET Roaming)

Eduroam is a service available in most universities, FE colleges and research organisations in the UK, and in many other countries. It is provided in all University of Wolverhampton wireless hotspots.

For staff and students of this University you can use eduroam here to get secure, encrypted wireless access to the Internet. At another particpating organisation you can use your University username and password to get Internet access using their wireless network. The level of network access a visitor has is set by the host institution and may vary from one institution to the next, but most Internet services available at Wolverhampton should be provided. More information about the eduroam service can be found at the JANETeduroam site.

Setting up your device to use eduroam

See the eduroam setup page for information about this.

Information for University Staff and Students visiting other institutions

  • If you haven't used this computer or mobile device with eduroam before, it is advisable to set it up before you go to the site offering access.

  • When you visit another institution, you should be able to use any web based University facility that you can use from home, e.g. Canvas, OWA and WebDrive. Please note that the institution you are visiting may place some restrictions on what you can access, so check their website for details of what's available.
  • Sites which offer network access under JANET Roaming do not make any commitments regarding security. You should treat such a network like any other Internet hotspot, and make sure that you have anti-virus and personal firewall software.

Information for staff and students visiting from elsewhere

The University provides a Tier 2 wireless service using the SSID eduroam. Both WPA and WPA2 are available; WEP is not available. We do not use NAT (address translation) on this service - any address you get will be a public IPv4 one (we do not offer IPv6). We block a few outgoing ports:

  • TCP 25 (SMTP - but you can send messages using authenticated connections on ports 465 and 587)
  • TCP 512-518 (UNIX remote access)
  • TCP and UDP 135-139 (NetBIOS)
  • TCP 593 (RPC over HTTP)
  • TCP and UDP 445 (SMB)
  • UDP 1434 (MS-SQL)


We do not block any incoming ports. Please ensure you have an appropriate firewall.

Acceptable Use Policy and Conditions of Use

Anyone using eduroam must comply with the JANET eduroam Policy and with the Conditions of Use in force at the visited institution. Where the policies and regulations differ the most restrictive applies.


All support queries should be directed to your home institution. University staff and students should therefore contact the IT Service Desk on 01902 322000.

Other Information