Configuring F-Secure for Freewire TV

This page explains how to configure F-Secure for the Freewire TV service available in some University Accommodation .


By default, the firewall in F-Secure will not allow your PC to receive the streamed content, so although you can select channels from the EPG, when you do you always get the message "This channel is not broadcasting". In order to fix this, you have to add an extra rule to F-Secure. This is how to do it:

In the system tray, to the right of the Start bar, you should see a blue triangle which is the F-Secure icon, like this (this is a Vista system; XP looks slightly different): 

Double-click it and it will open like this:


Select the Advanced... hyperlink (bottom right) to get the configuration window:


To configure the firewall, select the item with that name under Internet Shield... This is the firewall configuration screen:


Select the Add... button to add an extra rule:

Name it Freewire TV. Now select Next. 

Select the Custom option and select Edit to enter the IP address of the Freewire servers:

Select IP Range from the dropdown list next to Type:

  • In the From: box, enter the start address of the range -
  • In the To: box, enter the end address -

The window should now look as below: 


Select Add to List to put the address range you've just defined into the Address List box, then select OK to get back to the previous window:

Now select Next to move to the next step:

This screen defines which services are allowed from these servers. First tick the line reading All IP traffic, like this: 

Next click the ? symbol under Direction. This defines the direction of traffic between the PC (computer symbol) and the Internet (globe symbol). It will change each time you click it. You want it to be an arrow pointing towards the PC symbol, like this: 


Now select Next. 

Make sure No alert is selected and click Next again. 

This just summarises the rule you have defined. Check it looks like the above, and select Finish. You will go back to the Firewall window as above, but with your new rule in place:


Now select OK on this window to close it, and Close on the main F-Secure window to close that. The firewall will now allow the broadcast content to reach your PC.