Who to contact in IT Services

The main point of contact for IT related queries is the IT Service Desk, who can be reached on ext. 2000, or externally on 01902-322000.

In some circumstances, it may be quicker to contact another member of staff, department or refer to a web page as shown below.

Query Who to contact
My University computer isn’t working. IT Service Desk
I have a problem using the software. IT Service Desk. Also use the Self Help pages.
I need to learn how to use the software. Check the IT Services training web resources for online materials.
I want to purchase some IT equipment or software. Refer to the purchasing guidelines.
My phone isn’t working. IT Service Desk
I need to move some computers or phones.

For the physical move of the equipment, contact the Facilities Service Desk on Ext.1111 and/or the Transport Department. To change or install network/phone sockets, and arrange the set up of the equipment once it has arrived, contact the IT Service Desk.

I can’t log on, or I’ve forgotten my password. IT Service Desk
How do I get an IT Account set up for a new member of staff or an external user, such as a visiting lecturer? Check our Application for IT Facilities page, and contact ITS Admin Support staff with any queries about the application forms.