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Visa & Immigration General Information

On 31 March 2009 the Home Office Visa & Immigration department (UKVI, formally the UK Border Agency or UKBA) launched the Points Based System of Immigration Rules for international students. The Points Based System (PBS) affects non EU nationals (also known as visa nationals) wanting to come to the UK to study or work, and for those already in the UK who want to extend their stay in these categories. It is divided into 5 categories or Tiers, with students coming under Tier 4.

The University of Wolverhampton has a licence in order to recruit international students and workers and so will be your Tier 4 Sponsor while you study with us.


If you come to the UK on a Tier 4 (General Student) visa, the University of Wolverhampton will be your educational sponsor and both you and the University will have responsibilities to the Home Office Visa & Immigration department during your studies.  We must work together to make sure you meet the requirements of your visa.

Your responsibilities can be found on our Current Students page

Our responsibilities include -

  • we must keep your application documents and a copy of your current visa and passport on file
  • we must monitor your engagement with your studies and report a series of unauthorised absences which result in you being withdrawn from the course to the Home Office
  • we must report any change in your circumstances to the Home Office e.g. if you take leave of absence, withdraw or transfer to a different course or institution. We are also required to inform the Home Office if you complete your course earlier than expected or any other change in your circumstances.
  • we must report any suspicions we may have that you are breaking the conditions of your stay


The Points Based System includes several terms that may cause you some confusion. Our Immigration Glossary helps explains these terms for you.