Disabled Applicant Enquiries

Are you an applicant with a disability or Specific Learning Difference?

The University of Wolverhampton is an inclusive institution working to meet the individual needs of our students.

Every year, 1000s of students with a broad range of disabilities and specific learning differences achieve their potential at the University of Wolverhampton, opening up opportunities for employment and further study. 

The Disability Inclusion Team are here to provide advice and support for students and applicants who have a disability or Specific Learning Difference. 

See below for FAQs.  

Additional Information

Find out more about the support available to applicants and students 

Disabilities and Specific Learning Differences can include:

  • Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia (these are know as Specific Learning Differences)
  • Autism Spectrum Conditions including Asperger syndrome 
  • Mental Health conditions     
  • Sensory disabilities including those affecting sight or hearing
  • Long term medical conditions  

Support available for all students can include:

  • General Study skills support, including tutorials and workshops, through the University Library
  • Access to specialist adaptive or assistive software such as text to speech screen readers; magnification tools; visualisation and mind mapping tools; digital colour overlays. Find out more about the full range of software and applications available from Apps Anywhere.
  • Recorded lectures - a number of taught sessions are recorded and available to playback with captions.

Additional support for students with disabilities or Specific Learning Differences (SpLDs) 

Depending on your individual needs, you may be eligible for additional support provided by the University. The Disability and Inclusion Team can talk to you about additional support that may be available.

Disabled Students’ Allowances

You may be eligible to receive additional funding known as the Disabled Students' Allowance (DSA) to help cover the costs of any additional support you may need to access your university course. DSA funding is available for eligible students and can help with costs for specialist equipment, Non-Medical Helpers (NMH) and other disability-related costs associated with studying. 

If you are not eligible for DSA, please email disability-inclusion@wlv.ac.uk to discuss other support options. 


If you are not eligible for DSA, please contact us to discuss other support options. 

Applicants: please email disability-inclusion@wlv.ac.uk 

Current students: contact us via ASK@WLV, the first point of contact for all student queries. You can log a Helpcall in e:Vision, or call 01902 518 518. 

If you are planning to stay in the University's Halls of Residence:


If you require personal care support on the University campus or in halls of residence, you will need a care package in place before you commence your course.
Apply to your local Adult Services department as early as possible so that they have sufficient time to liaise with the Adult Services team where you’ll be living.
Please note: you may not be able to start your course until a care package has been agreed by all parties. Ensure you apply early to avoid delays.

Students on Apprenticeship courses are not eligible for Disabled Students' Allowances (DSA). 

If you have a disability, Specific Learning Difference (SpLD) or mental health condition, you can still access support including (as appropriate to the course) automatic extensions, extended library loans, access to accessible software on University computers and access to University support services.

You can speak to your course team about support (known as Reasonable Adjustments) which may include options like getting notes/slides in advance of sessions to prepare.


Contact Us

Please contact us if you would like to book an appointment with a member of our Disability and Inclusion Team, who can discuss with you additional support options as appropriate.  

If you are an applicant, please email disability-inclusion@wlv.ac.uk 

If you are a current student, contact us via ASK@WLV, the first point of contact for all student queries. You can log a Helpcall in e:Vision, or call 01902 518 518 to book an appointment. 

If you are studying at a partner college, or at an international partner/location, you will need to return a Self Declaration Form and evidence to us, but you will also need to talk to the disability officer in the college or academy you will be studying in. 
UK Colleges 
If you have applied to study a University course delivered at one of our partner UK colleges, you will still be able to apply for DSA. Your support will be provided by our partner college. Please contact the college directly to discuss your support needs.
International Partners 
If you are applying to study with one of our International Partners or at one of our International locations please speak to the Support Services where you are studying for advice and information.

International students, from the initial point of contact, are covered by the Disability Discrimination Act Part 4 (Education) and the University has a duty to ensure that international applicants/students are assessed, and supported as home students.

Unfortunately, there are no specific funds available for international students to cover the cost of non medical support workers such as Notetakers or specialist tutors however, the University is able to provide a wide range of non-funded support and equipment which can be made available at the beginning of their course.

You will still need to return your Self Declaration Form or Disability Evidence Form to us, even though you will not be entitled to Disabled Student Allowances (DSA). You will also need to get in touch with your home country’s advisory service or contact us for advice on what support you may be eligible to access.


Contact us for more information

Applicants: please email disability-inclusion@wlv.ac.uk 

Current students: contact us via ASK@WLV, the first point of contact for all student queries. You can log a Helpcall in e:Vision, or call 01902 518 518. 


Disabled applicant enquiries

Email the team

For further information on reasonable adjustments prior to applying to University, please email the Disability Inclusion team. 

This email address is for disabled applicants only. Current students are to log a help desk call to ASK@WLV on the e:Vision help desk, or call 01902 518 518.