Student Handbook


Your Student Handbook will be valuable throughout your course.  Some of the information contained within will be more relevant as your studies progress, but reading it now will help you understand how the University works. The Handbook should be read in conjunction with your course guide and the academic regulations.‌
Sometimes the information will need to be updated, so you may want to consult the online version periodically, as well as systems such as e:Vision, making note of any changes and considering how they may affect your course.

Who we are:

From our beginnings in 1827, we have grown  to be a community of over 23,000 students and over 2,500 staff. The size and complexity isn’t unusual for a University, but it will be different from your previous experiences in school or college and this may take some getting used to.

The University is well placed to support you throughout and beyond your course. Although  you will have your own unique background and motivations, you share a common goal with  other students – to invest in yourself.
The University is organised into four Faculties,  within which are housed the various Schools and Institutes which deliver subject-specific courses. Although you will routinely and regularly interact  with the staff and students on your own course,  there are also opportunities to meet and work with others who are studying similar subjects. This is  all part of the inter-professional experience of  being in a University.
This is YOUR University. You have the opportunity to shape your University experience.

Our core values:

At the University of Wolverhampton we will be:
  • ethical
  • respectful
  • transparent
  • inclusive and fair
  • challenging
  • confident
  • collaborative
  • professional
These values guide the decisions we make and how we engage with our communities locally and globally.