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Academic Regulations

An overview of the University of Wolverhampton's Academic Regulations

Changes to the Academic Regulations 2019 - FAQs:

When do the changes take effect?

The new regulations regarding level progression and compensation will be applied in August 2019 to affect student progression into the next academic year.

I’m a January starter, when will the regulations apply to me and do I get a third sit for my first semester modules?

For January starters, the new regulations around level progression and compensation will be applied at the next level progression point – January 2020. Resit marks at Levels 3 and 4 over the coming twelve months (Jan 2019 – Jan 2020) will be subject to the new regulations, i.e. they will not be capped provided you gain a minimum mark of 20% in your first attempt. January starters will have a third sit for their second semester modules instead of their first semester modules.

The regulations around extenuating circumstances and extensions have changed too – why doesn’t the letter mention this?

For 2019/20 onwards, some changes are also being made to the regulations governing extenuating circumstances, but these do not apply before September 2019. Further information will be provided on this at the start of the next academic year.

I have year-long modules – do I get a third sit on these?

No. because year-long modules have no ratified mark after the first semester, you will have a maximum of two sits per year on these modules.

How do I seek permission to take more than 120 credits in a year?

If you wish to seek approval to take additional credits, you should contact your Faculty Student Services Office. However for 2019/20, as part of the transitional arrangements, all students who have failed only one module (20 credits) will have this permission granted automatically and will be registered for a total of 140 credits. Students who have failed two modules (40 credits) will be registered for a mixed diet capped at 120 credits.

Where can I go for more advice or information?

If you need any further advice or information you can contact your Faculty Student Services Office. Contact details are available.



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