Timetable data collection support

Draft timetables for 2022/23 are now available for staff to view in CMISGo Next. The 2021/22 timetable has been rolled over to form the basis of the 2022/23 timetable*. School staff now have the opportunity to liaise with their Timetabling Officer(s) to edit information where necessary and add/delete timetables for MAVs where appropriate; this will include information about teaching staff, delivery dates and essential delivery pattern changes that will enable the Central Timetabling Unit to schedule and room a clash free timetable for students and staff. Final teaching delivery information collected for 2022/23 will be transferred into SITS during the 2022/23 academic year and future changes to delivery patterns will have to be made following a modification process. 

Timetabling Officers will be available to support you through this process and will work closely with you to ensure your requests appear as required in our timetabling system before we allocate rooms and fit students into groups. 

*Please note that the 2021/22 timetable was rolled over in April 2022 so changes made after this date will not be reflected in the drafts you see in CMISGo Next 

This page will offer guidance and instructions on how to complete the task, but you can also contact the Timetabling Officers assigned to your School via timetable@wlv.ac.uk 

A draft version of the latest Learning and Teaching Principles was sent to faculties with the latest communication about timetable construction for 2022/23. The final version should be agreed shortly and will be uploaded here.  

Who is the CTU Timetabling Officer for my school? 


Timetabling Officers: 


Lead Officer  

Architecture and the Built Environment 

Liz Ingham 


Alison Wedge** 

Mathematics and Computer Science 

Nabby Jhagra** 


Jav Parwez 


Nathan Leadbetter 

Medicine and Clinical Practice 

Jav Parwez 


Alison Wedge 


All TT Officers** 

Community and Society 

Liz Ingham 

Sport and Human Science 

Nathan Leadbetter** 


Nathan Leadbetter 


Jav Parwez 

Social, Historical and Political Studies 

Nabby Jhagra 

International Academy 

Alison Wedge 


Liz Ingham 


Liz Ingham 

Performing Arts 

Liz Ingham 

** New department codes have not yet been allocated within SITS so MAVS are still associated with old school codes. Once new department codes have been assigned, TT Officers will be allocated to the new Schools within FSE and FEHW. 


How do I check draft timetables in CMISGo Next?

Log into CMISGo Next

CMISGo Module Timetables Look up


I cannot see any 22/23 timetables in CMISGo 

Are you looking at CMISGo Next (with the yellow banner)? CMISGo Live has a blue banner and will only display 21/22 timetables. If you are, and your name is attached to events in the timetable, or you have manually searched for modules but still cannot see them, then contact your Timetabling Officer 


Do I need to complete Semester 2 timetables now? 

Yes, colleagues are encouraged to check and update the full year but should prioritise Semester 1/early starters as these timetables will be published first. There will be an opportunity for a final review of Semester 2 and 3 before the final publication date at the end of Semester 1 but changes at this time should be kept to a minimum as time will be limited. 


Can I add multiple lecturers to a timetable event? 

Having multiple lecturers on a timetable event has caused some problems with the student check-in system. Whilst we understand that the deadlines for workload allocation may mean that you do not have specific details and multiple lecturers are often added to events so that staff can see draft timetables in CMISGo, this should be resolved by the time teaching starts where possible. For example, separate events for different staff where Joe teaches weeks 6-12 and then Jane teaches weeks 13-17. 


Will students see induction events on their timetables? 

Following consultation with the faculties and to comply with OfS requirements, it was agreed that inductions for new starters should appear on personalised timetables and generate registers to monitor attendance. We plan to manage this by associating non-credit bearing induction modules to timetabled induction events. These induction modules will be determined by faculties and CTU will be notified; you will liaise with your Timetabling Officers to ensure these inductions appear on the timetable. 

Final decisions about these new modules and how they will be associated with the correct students will be made shortly and information here will be updated as soon as we have a clearer understanding about how we will construct induction timetables.