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Central Timetabling Unit

As soon as you have registered your modules, you can view all lectures, seminars and other activities associated with those modules in myWLV

As soon as the timetable is published, staff and students can search for any module to view all lectures, seminars and other activities associated with that module - Module Timetable

You can also view weekly timetables for all centrally managed teaching rooms - Room Timetable

Exams during Assessment Weeks

Students due to be examined in the main University Assessment weeks, will receive a personal exam Timetable approximately one month prior to the assessment week(s), which can be viewed in e:vision. 

  • To recive a personal exam timetable, you must be registered on the correct module and studying at a University campus. If you are studying a university accredited course at a partner college or institution, your exams will be organised by your providor. 
  • University students registered with Student Support and Wellbing (SSW) and entitled to special exam arrangements will be sent their exam timetables via email approximately two weeks before the assessment period commences. 
  • Students are expected to be available to attend examinations on any week day during assessment periods. Examinations are not routinely held on the same week day as module teaching.
  • Please visit our dedicated exams pages for more information

Exams outside of Assessment Weeks

If you are studying a course that operates a non-standard academic calendar, then you may have examinations that take place outside of the normal University Examination period. Your course guide should tell you if your course uses a different calendar. This applies mainly to Nursing, Education and Professional Law courses. Your tutor will inform you of examination dates and times. 

Academic Calendar 2018/19

Academic Calendar 2019/20

For non standard calendars, please consult your Course Guide.


General Enquiries


Role and Responsibility

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George Lahiri 

Timetabling Manager

01902 322527

Nathan Leadbetter

Timetabling Officer

01902 322580

Alison Wedge

Timetabling Officer

01902 322827

Liz Ingham

Timetabling Officer

01902 321950

Andy Hulme

Room Booking and Timetabling Assistant

01902 321091

Ria Jenkins

Student Placement (Central Timetabling Unit)

01902 321943