This agreement outlines the travel cost agreement made between University of Wolverhampton and School/college when taking part in activities run by the University of Wolverhampton on the university’s campus.

University of Wolverhampton and school/college agree to the following: University of Wolverhampton agreed to contribute £200 towards the total travel costs for booking a coach of pupils from x school/college visiting the university, provided that they bring a minimum of 30 pupils to x event.

University of Wolverhampton agrees to contribute up to £100 to support the costs of train tickets from x school/college for a minimum of 10 pupils. The amount provided will depend on the school/college’s distance from the university and the number of students attending. If college is less than 10 miles away there will be a £5 contribution per student up to 10 students (maximum £50). If more than 10 miles there will be a £10 contribution per student up to 10 students (£100).

University of Wolverhampton agree to contribute £50 for fuel costs from x school/college to the university when using a mini-bus to transport students to and from an event at the University of Wolverhampton, provided that x school/college bring a minimum of 10 pupils. If fuel cost under £50, the total fuel cost will be covered by the university.

Please note that money will be sent after travel has been booked and the event has taken place.


Please refer to the policy document Travel Cost