What is Aspire2University?

Aspire2University (A2U) is a progressive programme targeting ‘children and young people’ in the care system from Year 7 onwards. Working in partnership with Virtual Schools from five local authorities within the West Midlands, A2U has been successfully running at Wolverhampton University since 2015.

One of the main aims of the programme is to promote awareness and understanding of the opportunities that university can offer. Targeted via Key stage 2 SATs, A2U’s participants have the opportunity to embark upon their journey towards a potential future in Higher Education from an early age; ‘catch em young.’  A2U currently has 132 young people aged 12 to 18 engaged with Outreach, Enrichment and Mentoring activities. 

A2U Mission Statement

Our vision is to develop well rounded, confident and responsible individuals to make informed choices about Higher Education as their educational pathway.  By breaking down barriers, increasing self-belief and raising aspirations we aim to enable our participants to reach and expand their potential.

A2U Programme objectives

The programme is designed to inform and assist the educational journey and make young people in the care system better equipped to succeed by:

  • Promoting understanding of Higher Education
  • Releasing & raising aspirations
  • Supporting to keep on track
  • Increase progression rates

Contact Us:

Tel: 01902 323528

Mobile: 07891 776 448