Thursday 24 May 2018

BLOG: GDPR - Getting Data Protection Right

For over a year now I have been trying to get the message out that Data Protection is changing, writes Tony Proctor, Principal Lecturer, Cyber Security.


Thursday 10 May 2018

BLOG: History Will Judge Eta As A Failed Terrorist Group, But There Are Lessons To Be Learned

The reaction of Alfonso Alonso, the leader of Spain’s governing Popular Party in the Basque region, when asked to comment on Eta’s decision to dissolve itself, spoke volumes.


Thursday 26 April 2018

The importance of organ donation

Multi-organ transplants are rare but could become more common practice, according to Dr Paraskevi Goggolidou, Senior Lecturer in Clinical Genetics.


Thursday 19 April 2018

BLOG: How to ensure marathon recovery isn't too painful

Professor Andy Lane is a sports psychologist and marathon runner. He offers some advice to those taking part in Sunday’s London Marathon on how to ensure their recovery isn’t too painful.


Tuesday 17 April 2018

BLOG: Recovering Lost Commonwealth Musicals - Jack of Spades

Sarah Whitfield, blogs about the lost musical - Jack of Spades. Does the vital relevance of this piece mean that more needs to be done to reinstate it back into the story of the musical in the UK?


Monday 16 April 2018

BLOG: What makes a gold medal-winning leader?

As England battled Australia in a final of the netball tournament at the Commonwealth Games on Sunday, commentators made numerous references to the role of leadership, writes Dr Chris Sellars.


Friday 13 April 2018

BLOG: Marathon Blog!

The Commonwealth Games marathon, at the aptly named Runaway Bay, Gold Coast, Australia, takes place on April 15th. Marathon running is a sport we have an interest in and have recently teamed up with England Athletics marathon programme on how to support runners.


Friday 13 April 2018

Roar of the Roses…

Well who knew? Well the whole of the Netballing family actually believed that history could be made by the England Roses at the Commonwealth Games.


Wednesday 11 April 2018

BLOG: On Humour

It is a truth widely acknowledged that humour, in its varieties of forms and modalities, occur in all human cultures.


Wednesday 11 April 2018

BLOG: The Good Friday Agreement at 20

Anniversaries are a time to take stock and the twentieth anniversary of the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement (GFA) is leading to increased analysis and reflection.


Thursday 05 April 2018

Set your alarms, it's Commonwealth Games time!

Today marks the start of competition of the Commonwealth Games. The Gold Coast of Australia is hosting the 21st Games against the usual backdrop of protests which now accompany global sporting events.


Friday 23 March 2018

Cambridge Analytica: Mavericks or industry representatives?

BLOG: Thoughts on the recent scandal surrounding the allegations that Cambridge Analytica used data harvested from Facebook users, matching it with answers to a personality questionnaire.


Tuesday 27 February 2018

BLOG: Accentism – rife in modern Britain

BLOG: Senior Lecturer in English Josiane Boutonnet says, yes, ‘accentism’ is still widespread in the UK:


Tuesday 06 February 2018

Theresa May and the Legislative Quick Fix

BLOG by Prof Kate Moss: Theresa May and the Legislative Quick Fix


Friday 26 January 2018

Australian Influenza – Cough and Sneeze Into Your Elbow

Not content with the four-nil drubbing in the Ashes series, Australia now hits us when we are down with Australian ‘flu?


Tuesday 23 January 2018

The epic political elegance of Emmanuel Macron

BLOG by Prof George Kassimeris: Macron’s visit to the UK underlined his credentials as a transformative political leader.


Thursday 18 January 2018

Carillion: Taxpayer is left to pay the bill for failure

Mike Haynes, a professor of International Political Economy at the University of Wolverhampton, takes a look at Carillion's collapse in this blog written for the Express & Star.


Monday 08 January 2018

Whatever happened to our vision of a learning society?

BLOG by Prof Sir Alan Tuckett: Twenty years on from an influential education paper, a conference is set to consider what happened to our vision of a learning society.


Friday 05 January 2018

BLOG:Chip Vulnerability Affecting Technology

The vulnerability in major chipsets that has been announced this week is being referred to as Spectre and Meltdown.


BLOG: Marathon Blog!

13/04/2018  -  4.31

Andy Lane, Professor of Sport and Learning

The Commonwealth Games marathon, at the aptly named Runaway Bay, Gold Coast, Australia, takes place on April 15th. Marathon running is a sport we have an interest in (see our amazing book on running) and have recently teamed up with England Athletics marathon programme on how to support runners. We also enjoy running ourselves with England marathon programme runner and PhD student Dan Robinson and myself running in the London Marathon on April 22nd this year. And so we will be watching with a personal and professional eye on the race.

With the Commonwealth Games marathon and London Marathon so close together, it raises the profile and public awareness of the event. In the Commonwealth Games, we should expect a slower finish time but more intense competition. The reason for that is the absence of pace makers. At the London Marathon, there are pacemakers who are paid to hold a certain pace; the lead runners are running for money, many of who have appearance fees. At the Commonwealth Games, we should see interpersonal competition, where runners might slow in order to let someone else lead, where the time they finish is not as important as the finish position. I expect the race at the Commonwealth Games to be better to watch from a competitive perspective, for people jostling for tactical advantage. At London, the pacemakers will deliver the strategy that was bought and paid for and then drop out. And so if the times for the Commonwealth Games are slower, it’s likely to be more about the tactics than capability.

However, from a social perspective, it’s difficult to rival the immense positivity you experience as a competitor at the London Marathon. The entire field are roared from start to finish, with a crowd in places 20 people deep in places. Londoners have embraced the day and make it truly memorable for all. The Commonwealth Games provides Griffith University a great platform  ( to raise awareness.

Could hosting a marathon be a good opportunity for our University and region? Possibly, the Birmingham marathon was cancelled in 2018. It would be good for the Midlands in general to create a showcase marathon event, which is what the organisers of the Birmingham marathon propose to do.

When the Commonwealth Games come to Birmingham a crowd as vociferous as the London Marathon would make the event special. Our University could team up with event organisers and provide good sports science support to all runners and our Midlands crowd could roar the runners home.

And so how could sports science make a difference to running a marathon? Our work focuses on encouraging people to adopt a process goal; to think about what they are doing right here and now, and not focusing on the outcome goal. Having a narrative ‘I must do an X-minute mile might drive your arousal, might make you try harder, but for many people, completing a marathon leaves them at almost breaking point. The response from athletes ‘is how do I try harder?’ Rather than outcome, we encourage focusing on the process, on what you need to do and have many ways to help people achieve that in endurance running. One approach is to get people to focus on the here and now, and typically on trying to run more economically, something done by focusing on technique. This approach has come from many projects and supporting athletes. Remember, we have a long standing good relationship with Prof Greg Whyte , a former Olympian, former member of Wolverhampton University staff, and personal trainer to the stars. To help people understand and follow, we produced a couple of self-help videos, one for running and one for cycling and so people can watch and have a go (there is a link to get in touch also). 

And so marathons await; the Commonwealth Games will be engaging to watch (you will see sunshine!!for UK readers!!!). Runners will be managing an inner voice to slow down and many will be handling that inner voice positively. Life itself can feel like a marathon, tasks can seem daunting and arduous at the start, and so if you find yourself at the start of a daunting challenge, focus on the process, break the task down into smaller chunks and do one at a time.