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STUDENT BLOG: Why I love the NHS


Nursing student Aimie Morgan tells us why she loves the NHS, and how her own experiences led her to seek a career in healthcare.

The BBC recently aired a live show from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. It was hot, sweaty and full of different uniformed professionals, all eager to show themselves off with pride.

I was given that amazing opportunity and stood front and centre, with my ‘University of Wolverhampton’ uniform, all crisp and white. I’d taken a spare tunic with me as I’d been on placement all day but despite the heat and tiredness, I was determined to take part.

Being part of that show was hugely emotional and filled me with a massive sense of achievement. The NHS is the reason I’m here today, and thanks to them, my children have a mother. I became seriously ill in 2014 and was given the most fantastic treatment by my local hospital. The care I received from the domestics to the healthcare support workers, to the surgeon and the sisters inspired me to train to become a nurse. I’d originally planned to do so after my A levels but motherhood came along before I had the chance.

Now, nursing and the NHS is a huge part of my life, and I advocate for the profession everywhere I go. My biggest achievement to date is standing and speaking as a student and voting member at the Royal College of Nurses Congress in Belfast this year.

The NHS, to me, is why we all live such fruitful lives and without it, there wouldn’t be very many of us around. I certainly wouldn’t be here without it.

  • Aimie is an adult nursing student at the University of Wolverhampton's Faculty of Education, Health and Wellbeing. She is currently taking part in the NHS Horizons' 30 day blogging challenge, you can read her blog 'Mum vs Student Nurse' here: 

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