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BLOG: Living the American dream


Pia Gilland completed her second year as a LLB Law student at the University of Wolverhampton Law School this year. She is currently undertaking a year-long placement in Northern Arizona University in America through the  University’s   exchange  scheme  with a  number  of  European and American universities.

In this blog, she explains how her first couple of months studying in a different country have been and the benefits she is experiencing.


Two months in America has given me incredible insights into the education system, culture and people here. Classes are drastically different to a UK university - weekly quizzes, multiple choice exams and class activities differ greatly from the experience I have had at university so far.

The experiences I have gained already during my short time here have been life changing, travelling 5,000 miles alone, meeting various different people from a multitude of countries and experiencing typical American College life. Living in dorms with American roommates has given me a clear insight into just how different our two cultures are.

The confidence I have gained allowed me to undertake my first interstate journey alone to the American Formula 1 Grand Prix, an incredible experience that I would not have had the confidence to attend alone if it weren’t for my time here.

Studying abroad is an incredible experience and I would urge anyone to consider it, as even in a short time I have gained valuable life experiences and skills.

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