What Happens to University Waste

The University has a large community of staff and students and as such creates a great deal of waste just through it's day to day activities. We recognise that we have a duty to recycle as much of our waste as possible and minimise the amount that is sent to land fill.

We provide waste bins to allow all of our colleagues to separate recycling from general waste across the university and also provide containers for glass and food where appropriate. In specialist areas such as laboratories we have separate processes to handle any hazardous waste we generate.

Benefits Of Waste Separation

  • We ensure the waste stream for recycling is as clean as possible. This means that the material we send for recycling is genuinely fit to be made into new products.
  • We improve our recycling rates and send less material to land fill
  • General waste costs nearly ten times as much to dispose of as recyclable waste. Every piece of waste we divert to recycling saves the university money.
  • We're doing our part to manage global resources and make sure those same resources are available to future generations.


Current Recycling Scheme

The University has recently changed it's waste service provider and new pages are currently under construction.

If you have a query specific to waste, please contact Environment and Services Manager Trish McGloin T.McGloin@wlv.ac.uk Ext 3935