The University of Wolverhampton Vision has set goals to become Carbon Neutral and to achieve Zero Waste by 2030.

You can find the current Carbon Management Plan here: Carbon Management Plan (CMP) Update 2017 - 2023

Plans are underway within Estates & Facilities to update the Carbon Management Plan and produce a Roadmap to 2030.

The University has also signed up to ‘Race to Zero’ for Universities & Colleges, pledging to emit Zero Carbon by 2050

We want staff and students to support Sustainability at the University of Wolverhampton so please look out for opportunities coming soon!


2021-2022 University of Wolverhampton Carbon Emissions

‘During the academic year the University emitted 8,833 tCO2e (tCO2e stands for tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent and is a way to represent all GHG emissions - including carbon dioxide, methane, refrigerants and more - together in the same measurement).

You can find more information here:

UoW Carbon Performance Update April - 2023

If you have any questions, comments or ideas then please get in touch with Charlotte Connor (Sustainability Manager, Estates & Facilities) on