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Activities for Schools and Colleges

The University works with schools and colleges to raise the aspirations of students and support progression in learning in a number of ways.

wlv UK Recruitment team

Our UK Recruitment and Partnerships Team

‌Our new UK Recruitment and Partnerships team supports prospective students, parents and guardians, teachers and advisors, who are looking to find out further information about university and higher education. 

The team offer a range of free activities and resources that complement and add value to careers education, information, advice and guidance plans and programmes, including:

  • Informative and interactive talks/workshops that ensure students understand what higher education can offer and help prepare for the transition to university study. 
  • Subject-specific activities which support the curriculum and offer an interactive and enriching learning experience for students.

All activities are flexible and can be designed so that they're most relevant and suitable for your students.

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