Staff self-drive hire

The purpose of this instruction is to set out the procedure for hiring vehicles for University use. On no account is this procedure to be changed without the prior approval of the Director of Estates and Facilities.

Associated Documentation

  • Road Traffic Act (1991)
  • Work Related Driving Policy (Health and Safety Division)
  • Use of mobile phones in vehicles on University business (Health and Safety Division)

Responsibility for hire

Individual Schools and/or departments are responsible for the hire of self drive vehicles for such purposes as; field trips, business trips and/or movement of goods/furnishings.

Individual Schools and/or departments will also be responsible for the process of payment, overseeing delivery/return, any associated administration and the security (parking etc) of the vehicle whilst on hire.

The nominated driver will be responsible, on delivery, to ensure that the vehicle is adequate for purpose and is fit for use.

Should any School and/or department require a dual hire of both vehicle and driver they should contact the Transport Department and complete a Transport Requisition.

Licences and Insurance

The University Insurance covers all classes of vehicles whilst on hire to the University for normal business use. At no time are vehicles on hire to the University to be used for private use.

The hiring School and/or Department must ensure that the nominated driver has the appropriate licence for the vehicle in question.  

Special notice needs to be taken with regard to the hire of minibuses:

Drivers who obtained their licence after January 1997 are only licensed to drive vehicles carrying a maximum of eight (8) passengers.

Fitness to drive

It is the individual’s responsibility to ensure that they are medically fit to drive; nominated drivers should declare any medical condition that might adversely affect their ability to drive safely.

It is the driver's responsibility to ensure, where required, that a risk assessment is undertaken, taking into account the route and any other factors that could have an adverse effect on the driver and/or any passengers.

Whilst the University does not have an approved suppliers list for self-drive vehicle hire those companies listed below are/or have been used previously and are recommended. Please note that any hire agreements should comply with current University financial policies and procedures.

TCH Hire

5 Penn Road

Tel: 01902 420204

Cars, Vans and Minibuses

Day Rental

1, Sundorne Trade Park,
Featherbed Ln,

Tel: 01743 441218


Car, Vans & Minibuses

Enterprise Ltd

20 Birmingham Road,

Tel: 01902 450500

Car, Vans & Minibuses