Research Seminars and Events

‌WLV Talks: This is My Story – Thursday 15th June 10 am to 1 pm

The Call:

As part of Researchers’ Week 2023 The Doctoral College is hosting WLV Talks: a morning of short, inspirational talks on the theme of ‘This is My Story’. Following the TED approach, each speaker will talk for 18 minutes and will be given support by the Doctoral College and the STEM Response Team in developing their story and honing their presentation skills.


WLV Talks ‘This is my Story’ is interested in hearing your story.  This could be about why you do what you do: why you chose to study the topic of your doctorate, why you chose your career or something you do outside of the university. Or you could tell us about something that you’ve done that you are proud of, something that you have overcome, or even how you live with an illness or condition.  We want to know who or what inspires you and why and how this has motivated you.

The Rules

  • Be thoughtful, not divisive:
  • Don’t rely on bad science.
  • Leave politics and religion at the door.
  • Don’t polarise: no us and them language
  • Encourage out-of-the-box thinking.
  • No commercial agendas (this is not an opportunity to promote books, companies, consultancy etc)

The Application Process:

  1. Complete the WLV Talks Application Form (Word doc 30k) which explores who you are and what you propose to talk about.
  2. Record a 3-minute intro to yourself and your talk.
  3. You can submit your application through one of the two ways below:


    • via one drive - create a folder in your one drive entitled ‘WLV talks (add your name)’, add your application form and your video to the file, then right-click on the folder, go to share, and share the folder with
  4. Submit by 24th April 2023

The Selection Process

  • All applications will be assessed by a panel from the Doctoral College, The STEM Response Team and a Representative from each Faculty.
  • Successful Candidates will be told in the first week of May 2023.

The Rehearsal Process

Successful presenters will be asked to agree to commit to and attend all rehearsals activities.  These are below:

  • Provide a full script by 15th May 2023
  • Attend 2 online rehearsal and feedback sessions.
  • Attend a dress rehearsal during the first week in June
  • Be available by 9 am on the day for a technical check.

The Research Student Almanac

The Research Student Almanac gathers together all talks, events, training sessions, workshops and social meetings, extends a very warm welcome to our postgraduates, staff and, in many cases, the wider public, and allows for advance planning in terms of those sessions that you wish to attend. Visit the Almanac webpage to download the latest version. 

Doctoral College Events

Quarterly Research Symposia

The Doctoral College Symposia provide a day of workshops and talks that help support your growing knowledge and skill development as a research.

Date Time Venue Topic More information & booking
Thursday 27th October 2022                        9.30am - 4.30pm  Online via MS Teams Doctoral College Symposium : Setting up a Research Programme                  Eventbrite Link 
Thursday 1st December 2022 9.30am - 4.30pm Online via MS Teams  Employability Symposium - Making Job Applications Eventbrite Link
Thursday 2nd February 2023 9.30am - 4.30pm Online via MS Teams Employability Symposium - Preparing for Job Interviews  Eventbrite Link
Thursday 6th April 2023 9.30am - 4.30pm Online via MS Teams Doctoral College Symposium : Mental Health and Well-being in Research Eventbrite Link

University of Wolverhampton Lecture Series

This Public Lecture Series provides topical content from a range of speakers, and includes the annual Christmas Lecture.

*You can now watch the 2021 Christmas Lecture via the following links:

Christmas Lecture part 1 The University of Wolverhampton Christmas Lecture 2021 pt 1 - YouTube

Christmas Lecture part 2 The University of Wolverhampton Christmas Lecture 2021 pt 2 - YouTube


Date Session  Time Venue Booking Link
Wednesday 22nd February, 2023 Prof John Traxler - 'How digital learning can support diverse communities' 6pm - 7pm Online via MS Teams Link to recording
Wednesday 19th April 2023 Dr R.M. Francis  will discuss how we read and write texts that are enabled by the earth sciences. 6pm - 7pm Online via MS Teams Eventbrite Link


Weekly Doctoral College Online Hangouts (every Tuesday lunchtime)

Weekly online hangouts are scheduled throughout the year in response to a request received from PGR students for a space to meet virtually to discuss a particular topic, or to simply share their thoughts and offer advice. Therefore, these sessions are generally interactive and are facilitated by the Doctoral College. Webinars are accessed via canvas and do not require an advanced booking. The webinar opens 15 minutes before the session, please do  not try to enter before then.

These sessions run from 1pm - 2pm every Tuesday via Canvas.

To access these  through Canvas we recommend that you use either Chrome or FireFox as your browser.

1.       Go to

2.       Open The Postgraduate Researchers' Development Course (If you are a staff member who is study a doctorate you will need to access this course via your student credentials.  The course will not be visible via your staff accounts)

3.       Go to ‘conferences’ on the left hand side of the screen and click the link

4.       You will see various webinars, go to the relevant event.

5.       Press the blue ‘join’ button when once the webinar is activated. 


Other Events 

Skills for Researchers workshops 

Visit to book a place on any of these workshops or email to arrange a  group workshop at an alternative time.

Business Events & Seminars

The University holds a wide range of events and seminars designed to help businesses start, grow and learn new skills.  Ranging from fully funded introductory new business start-up courses,  comprehensive mentoring programmes, networking opportunities and specialised areas such as Building Information Modelling (BIM), we aim to support and help grow businesses of all sizes.

For further details visit: 

Maths Support Centre

The maths support centre offers support and guidance to help you with any level of mathematics, statistics or numeracy to help you with your studies.

The maths support centre based in MD112 is a FREE service open to all students, from any school studying any subject in any year.

For further details visit: