Hussaini Bello

Course studied: PhD Pharmaceutical Science

Graduated: 2018

I am a Nigerian, from Yola South Adamawa State. I completed my MSc in Drug Discovery and Design at the University of Wolverhampton in 2014 and then enrolled for a PhD in Pharmaceutical Science the next year. 

I stayed on at University of Wolverhampton because of the experience in teaching and research in the Department of Pharmacy - my Director of Studies was Dr Waseem Kaialy - and also in order to access the latest equipment, so as to undertake research of the highest standards. 

Some of the most challenging research experiences involved my use of 8 mm punch and die, using a manual tabletting machine, because some of the powders I used were sticky and almost all liquisolid formulation are novel, but showed a promising performance. 

My supervisory team offered guidance and encouragement throughout my stay at the University, and I was awarded my doctorate in 2018, for the thesis “Physiochemical and Drug Release Properties of Liquisolid Formulations in Comparison to their Physical Mixture Counterparts.”