Bogdan Butkovic

Course studied: Postgraduate Research in Built Environment

Graduated: 2019

I am a Serbo-Croat, from Belgrade, in the former Yugoslavia, but I grew up in two African countries: Uganda and Kenya. At the University of Wolverhampton, I completed a BSc (Hons) Computer Aided Design and Construction, a MSc Building Information Modelling for Integrated Construction, and a PhD in Built Environment.

I stayed at the University of Wolverhampton for 10 years because the team I worked with was very supportive, encouraging and helpful. My Director of Studies was Dr. David Heesom, to whom I am indebted, for his guidance throughout my study.

For my Master’s degree, I looked at Scan to BIM, and how this process needed a 4D simulation in order to show how work progressed. I was not so happy with the 4D simulation at that time, and I thought that technology should offer more dynamic results. This is why I started thinking about what could be done to improve the results of a 4D simulation, and this led me to enroll in a PhD in Built Environment.

The research was challenging, because there was limited body of literature available on my chosen topic. But this taught me how good research has to start with a wide scope before narrowing down to the specific points, in order to capture and manage the many facts that are pertinent for the subjects that we chose to research.

I was awarded my Doctorate in December 2019, for the thesis “A Framework for Developing 4D LOD on Construction Projects”.