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Student exhibits at high profile event celebrating women

Student exhibits at high profile event celebrating women

A student from the University of Wolverhampton put her talent on display at a recent event to celebrate women in architecture.

Rasha Shrourou, 22 years old from Syria raised in Saudi Arabia is studying for an Architecture degree in the School of Architecture and Built Environment at the University’s City Campus in Wolverhampton.

The event was hosted by the Birmingham Architectural Association and the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) West Midlands at JQ Design Destination to celebrate women in architecture in the West Midlands region, showcasing talent from local universities as well as local practices.

Olive White, Lecturer in Architecture at the University, said: “Rasha took part in the mini-exhibition celebrating women who have positively contributed to the built environment of the region. 

“The exhibition included various projects in the region, past and present, which have been spearheaded by female architects and future architects.

“Our students consistently create work to an exceptional standard and Rasha displayed the Dismantled Aircraft Hangar which is a building that embodies the richness of the history behind RAF Cosford. It was designed with angular forms that symbolize the war, sorrow and damage that happened to the planes while maintaining the functionality, aesthetics and interest of the building.”

Rasha said:  “It really was an honour to have been invited to exhibit my work at such a high profile, prestigious event celebrating the achievements of women in architecture.

“I am pursuing a successful career in Architecture to create new and wonderful spaces that people live in, use, and enjoy. I plan to take study for a Master’s degree in architectural design in UCL Bartlett School of Architecture where I will focus more on the artistic side of building design. The architecture staff at the University of Wolverhampton are very supportive of my studies and encourage my interests.”

Anyone wanting to study in the School of Architecture and Built Environment should register for the next Open Day on Saturday 15th June 2019.


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