Experts guide

Across all faculties at the University of Wolverhampton, we have internationally renowned academics specialising in specific areas of research who are happy to speak to the media and offer insights into their areas of expertise.

We cover a range of research topics including sports psychology, homelessness, war studies, economics, religious studies as well as science and engineering.

Get in touch with the Corporate Communications Office if you'd like to speak to one of our academic experts:

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Our experts are organised below by faculty: 

Faculty of Arts, Business and Social Sciences, Faculty of Health, Education and Wellbeing and Faculty of Science and Engineering

Moses Murandu

Faculty of Arts, Business and Social Sciences

Dr Paschal Anosike - Africa, Entrepreneurship & Leadership

Entrepreneurship education, entrepreneurship and SME development in Africa, Africa’s informal economy/informal sector, youth employment and employability, economic and state fragility in Africa, forced migration from Africa to Europe. 

Professor Stephen Badsey - Conflict and war studies

Modern warfare and conflict (mid-19th century to the present day), war propaganda, media coverage of warfare and conflict, media and military relations, the British Army (mid-19th century to the present day), the Boer War (1899-1902), the First World War (1914-1918), the Second World War (1939-1945, particularly the Battle of Normandy 1944), the Falklands War (1982), the Gulf War (1991), cavalry and all aspects of horses in warfare (mid-19th century onwards). 

View Professor Badsey's full profile.

Professor Graham Brooks - Corruption, Gambling and Organised Crime

International corruption, fraud and corruption in sport, gambling industry, individuals and gambling and crime, organised crime and gambling and whistleblowing.


Janine Bryant - Ageing Dancers, Dance Training

Ageing dancers, range of motion, conditioning for dancers, dance training protocols.

Dr Stuart Sean Farquhar - Finance, Accounting and Economics

Corporate governance, board of directors, executive compensation, sports economics.

Twitter: @StuartSFarquhar

Dr Louise Fenton - Voodoo, Witchcraft, Horror Films & Zombies

Haitian Vodou, New Orleans Voodoo, history of New Orleans, witchcraft, horror films 1930-1970, zombie and Voodoo cinema, representations of Voodoo in literature, film, TV, theatre, animation, illustration, Haitian art and representations of Gypsies and Romani (UK and Europe).

Twitter: @louise_fenton

Professor Keith Gildart - Labour and Social History, Coal Mining History

Labour history/trade unions, coal mining history, popular music, youth culture, spiritualism/supernatural and working class culture.

Dr Benjamin Halligan - Cinema and Popular Culture

Cinema, popular music, culture and politics, feminism, pornography, theology and popular culture and horror films.

Dr Halligan is the Director of the Doctoral College.

Twitter: @benhalligan

Dr Steve Iafrati - Social Policy, Poverty & Regeneration

Poverty, social exclusion and marginalisation, food banks, regeneration, communities and welfare.

Twitter: @steve_iafrati

Dr Jenni Jones - Coaching & Mentoring, Women in Leadership

Coaching and mentoring (particularly within the public sector, for instance; the UK Police), learning and development, women and leadership, leadership and change, employability skills.

Dr Spencer Jones - Armed Forces and War Studies

Military history, British Army, special forces, Anglo-Boer War (1899 – 1902), First World War (1914 – 1918), Iraq War (2003 – 2011).

Twitter: @historian1914

Dr Opinderjit Kaur Takhar - Religious Education, South Asian & Sikh Studies

Religion, religious education, free schools, religion and society, caste and the South Asian community, South Asian religious communities in the UK, religion and gender, Sikh and Hindu issues and Indian/Eastern spirituality.

Twitter: @DrOpinderjit

Professor George Kassimeris - Terrorism, Political Violence, Extremism

Terrorism, political violence, extremism, war and conflict.


Professor Silke Machold - Corporate Governance

Corporate governance, value-creating boards, board diversity and women on boards.

Professor Machold is Dean of Research and Head of the Research Policy Unit.

Professor Kristina Niedderer - Design for Dementia, Craft, Mindful Design

Design for dementia, mindful design, design for behaviour change, craft.

Professor Ross W. Prior - Arts, Heritage, Drama & Theatre

Arts education, applied arts and health/wellbeing, learning and teaching, art-based research, heritage education, drama/theatre.

Dr Peter Robinson - Tourism, Urban Exploration

Tourism management, event management, tourism and regeneration, tourist experience, Cold War tourism, urban exploration.

Twitter: @peterdrobinson

Professor Roger Seifert - Industrial Relations

Industrial relations, strikes, wages, bargaining and negotiations, trade unions, union relations with the Labour Party and employment conditions.


Professor Laura Ugolini - Retail, Menswear, Historical Men

Retailing and consumption of menswear in Britain (c. 1880-1939), civilian men in England during the First World War, English middle-class fathers and sons (c. 1880-1918).


Professor Matthew Wyon - Dance Science

Dance medicine, dance science, dance injury, dance training, strength training and vitamin D.

Faculty of Education, Health and Wellbeing

Kay Biscomb - Sport, Women in Sport

Print media of women athletes, sport and identity, women's and girls' sport and inclusion, and exercise dependence.

Twitter: @KayBiscomb

Professor Carol S Bond - Digital Health and Healthcare

The use of the internet in health by patients and by healthcare professionals, digital health, self management for people living with long term health conditions, participatory healthcare, healthcare professional (especially nurses) education.

Twitter: @cbond

Dr Tracey Devonport - Sport Psychology, Emotional Eating and Body Image

Sport psychology, exercise psychology, performance psychology, stress, coping, emotion regulation, emotional intelligence, emotional eating and body image.

Twitter: @TjDevonport

Dr Danny Hinton - Work & Organisational Psychology

Work and organisational psychology, personality assessment, psychometric testing, fairness in assessment and recruitment and selection.

Twitter: @DHOccPsych

Professor Michael Jopling - Schools, Education Policy

School collaboration, school networks, educational leadership, vulnerable families, school improvement, education policy.

Dr Gurpinder Lalli - School Meals, Food Studies

School meals, food Studies, research on school canteens, TESOL.

Twitter: @gurpinderlalli

Professor Andy Lane - Sports Psychology, Wellbeing, Exercise

Sport psychology, wellbeing, exercise as medicine, emotional control, stress, performing under pressure, emotional eating, mental skills training, mental toughness, resilience and emotional intelligence.

Twitter: @AndyLane27

Dr Richard Medcalf - Sport & Physical Activity, Sport Policy

Inclusion in sport and physical activity, evaluating the impact of sport, sports policy and practice.

Twitter: @rsmedcalf

Dr Moses Murandu - Wound Management and Healing

Tissue viability, wound management and use of granulated sugar on wound healing.

Professor Jean Williams - Olympic/Paralympic History, Sport Products

Olympic and Paralympic history, cultural Olympiad, European football (especially women’s football), history of sport, sport products and commercialisation, heritage and sporting museums and wider cultural industry links with sport (literature, music, fashion, toys).

Twitter: @JeanMWilliams

Faculty of Science and Engineering

Professor Phil Cox - Food Production, Chemical/Biochemical Engineering

Food production nutrition safety, chemical engineering and biochemical engineering.


Professor Ndy Ekere - Electronics, Renewable Energy & Smart Cities

Electronics packaging and assemblies, failure analysis and reliability engineering, renewable energy, technologies for energy infrastructure and technologies for smart cities.

Paraskevi (Evi) Goggolidou - Genetics, Rare Diseases, Biology

Genetics, rare diseases, chronic kidney conditions, ciliopathies, genomics, inherited paediatric conditions, molecular biology.

paul hampton

Dr Paul Hampton - Architecture and Built Environment

Architecture, built environment, surveying, accessible environments, health and safety, flooding, facilities management, work based learning, employability.

Twitter: @paulhampton11

Dr Martin Khechara - Biological Weapons and Bio Terrorism

Biological weapons, bio-terrorism, learning technology and public engagement with science.

Twitter: @drkhechara

Dr Stefano Vaglio - Zoo Biology, Primate Behaviour

Primate behaviour, primate chemical ecology, primate olfaction (including humans) and zoo animal welfare.