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Shortlist for University awards finalised


The Business Achievement Awards, to be held on Wednesday 12 June at Molineux Stadium in Wolverhampton, will showcase the University’s successful collaborations with business, its involvement in innovative projects and its outstanding alumni, highlighting its commitment to enterprise and student employability.

The award categories include:

The ‘Business Collaboration of the Year’ award, which will celebrate the success of a recent collaborative project. Up for nomination in that category are the companies Malthouse Engineering, Crestwood Environmental and the Caparo Innovation Centre.

The ‘Business Innovation of the Year’ award, which will recognise the enterprise which has most successfully employed innovation to enhance its performance and/or competitiveness in the West Midlands region.

Nominated for that category are the companies Clarkwood Engineering, Advanced Chemical Etching Ltd and Integrated Systems Technologies Ltd.

The ‘Graduate Employee of the Year’ award will recognise a graduate from the University of Wolverhampton who has made a significant impact within a business or organisation, demonstrating excellence on a specific project or programme.

The nominations for the award include Rhys Thomas, from Tough Furniture Ltd, Jason Fernandes, from Fairfield Displays & Lighting Ltd, and Amy Poyner, from the DRP Group.

The awards ceremony will also recognise the University alumni who have excelled in their chosen field through three different awards.

The ‘Emerging Alumnus of the Year’ award will recognise a graduate from the last five years who has made a significant impact in their industry or profession.

Nominated for this category include Mat Winzor, the former winner of the ‘Inspirational Educator’ award from the Company of Educators Charitable Trust, Christophe Dillenger, the editor of ‘Square’ magazine, and finally Chris Carter, Jake Rogers, Neil Cooper all from game developers ‘VOID Games’.

The ‘Alumnus of the Year: Enterprise and Leadership’ award will celebrate a graduate who has made an important contribution to the local, national or international community through an enterprising business venture, or has improved the way business is done through innovative leadership.

The nominations for this award include Matt Weston and Mike Chinn, representing their production company ‘Stones Throw Media’, Stephen Shaylor from the ‘Shaylor Group’ and, nominated in their second category, Chris Carter, Jake Rogers, Neil Cooper from ‘VOID Games’.

Finally, the ‘Alumnus of the Year: Contribution to Society’ award will mark a graduate from any year who has enriched or transformed the lives of others, or has overcome significant personal adversity either within their professional career or personal life.

The nominations for this prestigious award include Lisa Potts-Webb, Vijay Strestha, and Shamsa Mahmood.

Shamsa has been nominated after scooping a University ‘Volunteer of the Year’ award last year. She has been described by her employment supervisor as ‘being a positive role model for the youth of today.’

Vijay has been commended for his work with the University’s Centre for International Development and Training (CIDT), and for his “unparalled” contribution to the development of his country Nepal.

Lisa came to national prominence in 1996 when she was working as a nursery nurse at St Luke’s School in Blakenhall, Wolverhampton. A man armed with a machete burst into the school grounds and attacked children, parents and Lisa herself, sustaining numerous injuries while trying to protect the children in her care. She was awarded over 20 local and national awards for her bravery including the George Medal.

Lisa has been nominated for the award due to her work as the founder of the Wolverhampton charity ‘Believe to Achieve’, an energetic children’s charity which aims to enhance the self-esteem, personal development, educational experience and future aspirations of children aged between 4 and 12.

A further award will also be presented at the dinner following an entrepreneurial challenge hosted by the University of Wolverhampton this year.

The winning team from the recent ‘The Pitch’ business challenge, Blue Coat C of E Academy from Walsall, will be lauded.

‘The Pitch’ saw regional schools and businesses come together in an exciting and educational event at the University’s Telford Innovation Campus.


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Date Issued: Monday 10 June 2013

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