Time management – Why does it matter?

University study often involves uneven periods of work in which assignment deadlines may all occur at the same time. This can make it difficult to successfully manage your work unless you plan ahead. Here we have collected our resources on time management, to help you improve your skills in this area.

Successful time management is about you taking control of how you use your time so that you are not frantically rushing to meet deadlines and continually feeling under pressure. It will involve you planning ahead, setting goals for yourself and also taking regular breaks to avoid ‘burnout’.

This 20-minute video will take you through our best advice for managing your time effectively. Topics covered include creating a schedule, efficient study techniques and the best ways to take breaks.


 This 5-minute video covers the most efficient ways to read academic texts. You may think you know how to do this already, but often we hear that students struggle to read without wasting time or becoming overwhelmed by the amount of reading they need to do.  Included in this video is advice on skim-reading, scanning and making useful notes.


Here is a selection of our study guides related to time management. For more resources like this, head to our study guides page

Guide to Time Management

Word Document (87k)

PDF (343k)

MP3 Audio (7,745k)

Guide to Effective Reading

Word Document (88k)

PDF (346k)

MP3 Audio (5,032k)

Guide to Exam Preparation

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Exam Planner

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Here are some other tools which we would recommend, if you’re trying to manage your study time more effectively. Both of these resources will help you to break down the different stages of an assignment, from research through to proof-reading.

If you’re someone who struggles to make deadlines for yourself, we’d highly recommend you have a look at these!

Massey University – Assignment planning calculator: https://owll.massey.ac.nz/academic-writing/assignment-planning-calculator.php

UWE Bristol – Assignment planner: https://xerte.uwe.ac.uk/play_6275#page1

If you’d like some advice from us on time management, you’re welcome to speak with us.

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