Maths Support in the Skills Zone

The maths support centre is open to all students from any school studying any subject in any year. If you want help with any level of mathematics, statistics or numeracy come and ask.

The maths support centre is staffed by the academic staff from the Mathematics department alongside some of our first class graduates and postgraduate mathematics students. We can go through your notes with you, show you extra examples, go through a specific technique with you or teach you how to use the specialist maths or statistical software we have available.

For example:

  • Nursing or Pharmacy students struggling with those drug calculations, come and ask us for some extra help.
  • Engineering students having trouble understanding partial fractions, come and ask us to explain it
  • Having difficulty completing the statistical analysis for your final year project, come and ask us for advice.
  • Facing a numeracy test at your interview, come and ask us about improving your skills.

All our staff are friendly, approachable and willing to help.

For more information, including opening hours, please see the Maths Support Centre webpages.

Opening Times City Campus, Harrison Library (MD112)

Semester 2, Teaching Weeks 2, 3, 5-12 plus Revision and Assessment Weeks (i.e. from w/b 28th Jan 2019 – w/b 13th May 2019, but excluding w/b 11th Feb 2019)

  • Tuesday: 12pm-4pm
  • Wednesday: 11am-4pm
  • Thursday: 12pm-4pm

Semester 3, S3 Week 1-6 (i.e. from w/b 20th May 2019 – w/b 24th Jun 2019)

  • Tues, Wed, Thurs:  1-2pm

Semester 3, S3 Week 7-8 (i.e. from w/b 1st Jul 2019 – w/b 8th Jul 2019)

  • Tuesday: 12pm-4pm
  • Wednesday: 11am-4pm
  • Thursday: 12pm-4pm