New RefWorks is Here

What is RefWorks?

RefWorks is a web based reference management system, available to University of Wolverhampton students, researchers and staff. It helps you manage the references you collect and create citations and reference lists in your work.

There are 2 versions of RefWorks!

New RefWorks is now available.

Legacy RefWorks is the version we have been using for several years, and which will be available until January 2020 at least (the exact date when it will be withdrawn by Proquest is not yet available).

What does New RefWorks offer?

New RefWorks offers:

  • a search feature to find and add references from their title
  • the ability to upload and create references from PDF documents
  • tools to annotate your PDF documents with searchable comments, highlights and notes
  • the option to preview your references in your required style with any missing information highlighted

I’m new to RefWorks- which version should I use?

We recommend that you use new RefWorks. Our Guide LS138 Guide to New RefWorks (Word doc 1,613k) LS138 Guide to New RefWorks (PDF) will explain how to set up and use your New RefWorks account.

I’m using Legacy RefWorks- should I transfer to New RefWorks?

There are some issues for you to consider:

1. Legacy RefWorks is likely to be withdrawn in 2020

If your project will be complete by January 2020, we suggest that you continue to use Legacy RefWorks.

However If you are undertaking a longer term project that is likely to progress into 2020 and beyond, you may wish to consider your options. Whilst it will be possible to import your references and folders to New RefWorks, it is not currently possible to use New RefWorks to work on a Word document created with Write-n Cite and Legacy RefWorks.

2. Working with Word documents

Documents created with Write-n-Cite for Word using Legacy RefWorks can’t be modified with New RefWorks, and vice-versa. This means if you’re working on a Word document with references inserted from Legacy RefWorks using Write-n-Cite, you should continue to use Legacy RefWorks for that document.

To use Write-n-Cite you need version 4.4.1376 to be installed in MS Word. This version can be downloaded to your personal PC or laptop from the RefWorks web site or is already installed in MS Word on any university PC. For more help on this, take a look at the guide LS138 Guide to New RefWorks (Word doc 1,613k) LS138 Guide to New RefWorks (PDF)

I want to transfer to New RefWorks!

The RefWorks Guide LS138 Guide to New RefWorks (Word doc 1,613k) LS138 Guide to New RefWorks (PDF) explains how to set up a New RefWorks account. This useful guide LS140 Guide to importing references from Legacy RefWorks to New RefWorks (Word doc 725k) LS140 Guide to importing references from Legacy RefWorks to New RefWorks (PDF) explains how to import your references and folders from Legacy RefWorks into New RefWorks. You might also want to watch this video:

Can I have both Legacy and New RefWorks accounts?

Yes. However please note that your legacy RefWorks account may not be active beyond January 2020.

If you want to use both versions for a period of time, please do not use the same password for Legacy RefWorks as you have for New RefWorks. This may cause issues if you want to use Write-n-Cite with both versions.

Further Information

Guides to using both versions of RefWorks are available from the Skills for Learning web pages here, and the Proquest RefWorks Libguides are available here

For more support with using either version of RefWorks, or help with transferring your account to New RefWorks, please email, call in to your local Learning Centre, or contact us via our online chat service, Assist