What is WIRE?

WIRE is an open access online collection of research outputs by members of the University of Wolverhampton.

Items in WIRE are harvested by dedicated repository search engines like OAIster and by Internet search engines like Google. There is evidence that articles submitted to repositories are cited more often than those articles in subscription only sources.

On average, WIRE receives over 30,000 article views per month, so by submitting your research output to WIRE you are increasing the accessibility of your work, thereby increasing the likelihood that your work will be cited.

The University of Wolverhampton Publications Policy (PDF 232K, Downloads file) mandates the deposit in WIRE of all journal articles and conference papers published in a publication with an ISSN number.

What Kind of Material can I Submit to WIRE?

You can submit final peer-reviewed manuscripts (post-prints) and sometimes published versions of journal articles, book chapters, conference papers, reports, art and design research outputs and theses. Whether these documents can be made available on an open access basis may depend on copyright restrictions.You may submit your paper as a Word or PDF document.

How do I Submit to WIRE?

The WIRE web form allows you to enter some basic details about yourself and your paper and then upload it to our WIRE team. We will then do the rest, including checking for any publisher restrictions, embargo periods etc. We will then contact you to confirm the item has been deposited.

What About Copyright?

Most publishers will accept the deposit in open access repositories of papers published in their journals, subject to certain conditions. Journal publishers specify which version of an article an author can submit to a repository. Article versions include:

  • Pre-print: This is the original draft, prior to publisher’s corrections. Pre-print versions do not normally meet funder requirements, nor do they meet the Open Access requirements for the next REF.
  • Author accepted manuscript: This is the corrected manuscript, following peer review, that receives final approval for publication, but has not yet been formatted for final publication. Also known as the Post-print or Author’s Manuscript. Deposit of this version will meet the requirements of funders and the Open Access requirements for the next REF.
  • Publisher’s Version or Published Journal Article or Version of Record: This is the final published article. Most publishers do not permit this version to be placed in a repository.

The vast majority of publishers do now allow the post-print to be deposited in an Open Access repository, however in some cases an embargo period may be required. For example it may only be permissible to make the full text of the post-print available 1 year after it has been published in a Journal. Embargo periods can be set in WIRE, so you should not delay your submission to WIRE if you are aware of an embargo period.

The Sherpa/Romeo website provides a summary of the policies adopted by the major journal publishers which authors can check before submitting to a repository.
Material submitted to WIRE for Open Access will be made available under a creative commons 3.0 CC-BY-NC-ND licence which is adequate for REF compliance. If your research funder requires a more permissive licence, please indicate this when you submit.

Where your work uses 3rd party material, you should ensure you have obtained permission to deposit the work. If you are uncertain, please contact the WIRE team.

Where there are copyright restrictions that prevent open access, we would still urge you to upload your research outputs so at least the bibliographic information can be made available and discoverable.

Where Can You Get More Help?

If you have any queries about using WIRE, please contact the WIRE team at: WIRE@wlv.ac.uk