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About WIRE

WIRE: (Wolverhampton Intellectual Repository and E-Theses)

WIRE is the University of Wolverhampton's open access collection of research outputs produced within its research centres and institutes.

Free to access and open to everyone, WIRE is a growing resource for anyone interested in the outputs of our developing research community.

Records from WIRE are harvested by search engines such as Google Scholar and dedicated repository search engines like CORE and OAIster. Evidence shows that articles submitted to repositories are cited more often than articles from subscription-only sources.

The University of Wolverhampton is committed to the principles of open access and aims to ensure that research outputs achieve the maximum economic, social and cultural impact by allowing access to the widest possible audience.

The University Open Access Publications Policy (Word doc 46k) has mandated the requirement to deposit journal articles and conference papers in WIRE within 3 months of acceptance for publication, and encourages researchers to go beyond the minimum requirements of the REF open access policy by also requesting the deposit of all forms of published output into WIRE on an open access basis where permitted.

How to deposit to WIRE

The way to deposit to WIRE has changed. Please select the correct option for you:

Staff with significant responsibility for research have Elements profiles.

Go to the Elements webpage to begin the deposit process

 Further help:

Continue to the WIRE submission form to deposit your publication

Notice: Staff should only use this form to submit publications to WIRE if they do not have an Elements profile. Staff with significant responsibility for research should go to to begin the deposit process.

If your research contract classifies you as having 'significant responsibility for research' you should have an Elements profile and therefore should use Elements to deposit your publication.

If you are still not sure, you can Contact the IT Helpdesk on ext. 2000 who will be able to advise you.

Generally, guidance would be if you are a member of staff with significant responsibility for research, it is likely you have an Elements profile and therefore should use Elements to deposit your publication.

What to submit to WIRE

Any type of research output authored by a member of the University of Wolverhampton’s research community can be submitted to WIRE, from journal articles, conference contributions and book chapters to exhibitions and digital or visual media. Journal articles and conference contributions should be submitted immediately after acceptance for publication to comply with REF open access policy. But permission may need to be sought from publishers for other publication types before submitting to WIRE. The Scholarly Communications Team can answer any queries regarding publisher permissions for archiving book chapters and other output types.

Materials submitted to WIRE will have a creative commons 4.0 CC-BY-NC-ND licence applied (unless otherwise advised by publisher policy) in order to be compliant with REF submission requirements. This means that the material can be shared, but not changed or used for commercial reasons and you must be given credit as the author.

Book chapter deposit guidance

Book chapters can also be deposited into WIRE where permitted. Permission must be sought from the publisher to include the accepted manuscript version of the chapter on WIRE. Publishers generally do allow a chapter to be archived in institutional repositories as long the author’s version is used and not the final publisher version. An embargo of between 12 and 48 months is usually applied. Embargoes can be checked by the Scholarly Communications Team where necessary, contact us at for further guidance.