How to make your research outputs REF compliant:

HEFCE (PDF) requires all journal articles and conference proceedings (with an ISSN) to be submitted to the next REF are deposited in a repository within three months of publication

Their original policy required that deposit to a repository must occur no later than three months after the date of acceptance (as given in the acceptance letter or email from the publication to the author) but implementing this was delayed. Depending on a review due in Summer 2017, the requirement may revert to three months from acceptance from April 2018. Thus we would urge researchers at the University, in line with our Publications Policy (PDF), to continue to deposit within three months of acceptance.

You should deposit your final approved peer reviewed manuscript, before the publisher applies their final formatting and typesetting for publication. See this Open access presentation Dec 2015 (Powerpoint 333k) for more details.

Are all research outputs covered by the policy?

The policy currently applies to journal papers and conference proceedings with an ISSN, which are accepted for publication after 1st April 2016. However, since September 2012, the University of Wolverhampton has, through an Archiving Mandate, required that all research publications and outputs developed by members of staff are deposited in WIRE, so we would encourage you to do so for all outputs to support the open access agenda.

What happens if I don’t deposit in an Open Access repository?

Failure to comply with the policy will result in the disqualification of an output from inclusion in the next REF.

What action do I need to take?

For new publications:

You should submit the final, peer-reviewed (post-print) version of your output to the University Repository WIRE within three months of acceptance.

For outputs admissible to the next REF, but published before April 2016:

If not already deposited in WIRE they should be uploaded as soon as possible.

What about any embargo periods?

Embargo periods will still be respected, but must not exceed 12 months for Units of Assessment covered by REF Main Panels A and B (mainly STEMM subjects), and 24 months for Main Panels C and D. You are advised to bear these periods in mind when considering where to publish.

Are there any exceptions?

There are exceptions to the policy, but in the main these cover several technical and legal scenarios – further details can be found within the policy. You should still submit your output to WIRE, noting the exception.

Want more help and advice?

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