Research Workshops

Our team of Liaison Librarians are here to support you with finding and managing information, promoting your research, and accessing resources. Please contact us at

The Scholarly Communications Team can also support you with open research, including open access, and research data management matters. Please contact us at

Additionally, the Library Skills team run various academic writing workshops for researchers, focusing on different stages of the thesis-writing process. They are also available for one-to-one support and will give feedback on examples of your written work. Please contact

Recordings of past Skills for Researcher workshops are found in Canvas via the  Post-Graduate Researcher Development Programme.


Skills for Researcher workshops




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Literature Searching for Researchers

This workshop is for doctoral students to enhance their literature search techniques, across a selection of platforms including live demonstrations. We will look at how to use search histories and set alerts as part of developing a wider search strategy.


2 July 2024 10.00-11.30 (TBC)




Making your research open: Open Access and Open Research

This workshop will introduce doctoral students to the concept of open research, touching on open access, open data and open software. It will look at principles of gold and green open access publishing, such as APCs, publisher embargoes and licensing. It will also look at how funders may set conditions for open access and data, and highlight other routes for sharing research openly.

10 June 2024 14.00-15.30





Finding and using open data

This session will introduce students to open data and resources; what’s out there, including datasets and raw data and how to find it. We will also cover how copyright relates to data, open licencing schemes and what you can legally do with open data.

18 June 2024 10.00-11.30





Elsevier Autumn/ winter 2023 webinar schedule

This series of webinars, exclusively for our customers in Europe, has been designed to support academic and research-focused professionals.


Each session will feature Elsevier Customer Consultants, as well as esteemed local and international speakers and will provide valuable insights to researchers on the topics around research planning, execution, evaluation, and promotion


25 October 14:00 Understanding open access licenses at Elsevier: A guide to CC BY and more

14 November 14:00 ScienceDirect: The Next Generation Platform for Scientific Content Delivery

06 December 15:00 How to address some of researchers’ most pressing questions with Scopus


Recordings of past workshops from external organisations




September 2022

How to address some of researchers’ most pressing questions with Scopus

How to address some of researchers’ most pressing questions with Scopus - 15th September 2022 (


April 2022

How to get published in a scholarly journal – Top Tips from a publisher
Passcode: W0q#xy0q

March 2022

Scopus yourself: Learn all about Scopus Author Profiles
Access Passcode: 8DAY?F!2

March 2022

How to get published in a scholarly journal
Passcode: 95Wlk7+G

November 2021

Working with the new Web of Science at Wolverhampton


November 2021

Getting the most out of Scopus

Passcode: 3W5FqM&g


November 2021

Understanding Research Metrics and Indicators in Scopus and using these responsibly

Passcode: 4!LW8V^P


November 2021

ScienceDirect - Improve the way you discover, read and share scholarly research

Passcode: ?@rqYc53

May 2020

How to Get Published with the IEEE