Open Access

Open access means that research outputs such as peer-reviewed journal articles and conference papers are freely available to the reader online.

Why is Open Access Important?

Increase your Impact - making your work accessible in open access sources will make your work more accessible to other researchers, so will increase the likelihood that your work will be cited. (Swan, 2010)

Meet Funder Requirements – funding bodies, such as the RCUK and the Wellcome Trust have moved towards the requirement that the research they fund must be made available on open access.

Meet HEFCE Requirements for the next REF – from April 2016, all journal articles and conference papers must be made available on an open access basis either by publication in an open access journal or by deposit in an open access repository within three months of acceptance. You can find out more about the Universities approach to meeting these requirements here.

Open Access Publishing Options

There are two open access publishing options:

Gold Open Access is where:

The post-review version of an article is made available immediately on publication.

The publisher will often apply a fee, referred to as the article processing charge or APC to cover publication costs. The APC varies depending on the journal and length of an article.

The University of Wolverhampton has no central fund for APC charges.

Green Open Access is where:

An author publishes their work in a journal and then makes a version of their work freely available online via an institutional or discipline specific repository, this is often referred to as self-archiving.

Journal publishers specify which version of an article an author can submit to a repository.

The online version may be subject to an embargo period depending on the publisher’s policy.

The University of Wolverhampton repository WIRE is available for all researchers to make Green Open Access deposits.

Useful Links

The Finch Report: Report of the Working Group on Expanding Access to Published Research Findings – the Finch Group. This report commissioned by the Government discusses approaches to improve open access to publicly funded research and scholarly publications.

The Research Councils UK (RCUK) adopted an open access policy towards research outputs (articles and conference papers funded by a UK research council, on 1 April 2013, developed from the recommendations of the Finch Report).

The HEFCE Open access policy which applies to all articles and conference papers published in journal or proceedings with an ISSN.

LS082 Skills for Researchers Open Access Guide (PDF)