Your BitLocker encryption password (or PIN).

All University staff devices are protected by a feature called encryption. In simple terms this adds an extra layer of security onto your device so that in the event of theft or cybercrime activity, your laptop is protected by another password, as well as the one you use to log-in to University systems and services.  

When you first start using your laptop you will be prompted on screen to set up your BitLocker encryption. This is a process that can take a couple of hours, but you can work while doing this and involves creating a PIN or password of your choice. Your device does need to be plugged into the power mains before you start the process. 

We strongly recommend using a different password to your main University account password. 


After set up, every time you shut down your device and fire it up again, you will be asked to enter your BitLocker PIN or password, before signing into your University account. Your PIN or password can be a mixture of characters with a minimum of 4 and maximum of 20.

What do I do if I lose my BitLocker password?

If you lose or forget your BitLocker PIN or password, you can recover it by doing either of the following (your device should be in “Recovery mode” by this point which means it should display its BitLocker key ID) : 

  • Emaling the Service Desk using, quoting your BitLocker key ID (first eight characters will suffice) to the Service Desk Advisor along with any other information requested. You will then be required to enter a 64-character code (“the recovery key”) in the field on your laptop which will unlock your drive 
  • Self-service portal available on any web-connected device using this address: You will need to log in to the portal using your University username and password, accept the Terms and Conditions notice, and then follow the on-screen instructions to generate the 64-character recovery key.