Psychometric Tests

A guide to psychometric tests

Employers use psychometric tests to check you have the ability and personal qualities necessary to do a job. Practising the kinds of test you are likely to face is the best way to increase your confidence and to improve your performance.  

There are two main types of psychometric tests. Aptitude tests measure your ability in areas such as literacy, numeracy and diagrammatic reasoning whereas personality assessments analyse how well you would fit with the organisation and role. Some personality tests can help you to identify your skills, interests and values, which can help when making career decisions.

Graduates First

You now you have the opportunity to take 70+ online assessments, including aptitude tests, SJTs and gamified assessments along with Artificial intelligence based Video Interviews that are commonly used by employers for selection purposes and receive feedback on your performance. Go to to register.

Tests available include:

Practice Aptitude Tests

Practice Aptitude Test, a website that offers you 20 free psychometric tests, along with other useful tools such as video tutorials, interview questions and relevant articles:

Go to to register.

Top tips

  • Always follow instructions carefully.
  • In aptitude tests accuracy is more important than speed – most people don’t answer all questions in the time allowed. Practising tests can give you more confidence and help you use the limited time you have better.
  • Before a numeracy test refresh your memory of basic maths, eg percentages, interpreting graphs, calculations by looking at a GCSE revision book.
  • There are no right answers in personality tests, be truthful or the feedback will be meaningless.
  • You can also have a look at information on the The British Psychological Society.

Free practice tests

  • Saville and Holdsworth provides practice verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, inductive reasoning, personality and motivational questionnaires.
  • Morrisby Organisation gives advice on taking psychometric tests, sample questions and links to other tests on the web.
  • Psychometric Success provides 16 free downloadable aptitude tests in numeracy, literacy, abstract reasoning and special, technical and clerical ability.
  • Cubik provides free verbal and numerical practice tests with instant feedback. Also provides a diagrammatical reasoning practice leaflet.
  • Keirsey provides personality assessments including a free assessment with temperament report.
  • is a free resource to help job seekers improve their performance at employer reasoning tests.
  • WikiJob provide a wide range of free aptitude tests, focusing on your ability to analyse data, identify consistencies in numerical patterns, resolve work-related issues and much more.