CV 360

A new tool to boost your chances of getting to interview

So many CVs get rejected as a result of simple errors or because the computerised gatekeepers of the application process can’t find what they’re looking for. CV360 is a clever new tool available on Career SPACE, providing instant feedback against 50+ highly valuable checks.

Simply upload your CV and within five seconds you will receive instant, detailed feedback to help you optimise your CV and significantly boost your chance of securing an interview. 50+ checks provide feedback on File, Structure, Content, Language, Presentation and Skills - including unique checks such as time-to-read, average sentence length, employability skills and skills dominance.

Access CV360, upload your CV and put it to the test.

In addition to instant feedback, you will also receive advice, tips and employer insight and best practices to help boost your knowledge and confidence.

If you don’t currently have a CV, you can either download one of the templates or you can use the CV Builder to create one. Once your document is complete, simply upload it to CV360.

Don’t forget there’s no substitute for a human review before you send your CV off, so ask a friend or colleague to take a look or, if enabled, there’s also an option to submit it for review to your careers adviser.

Boost your CV