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Postgraduate Credit Leadership in the Arts and Cultural Sector

This is the credit-bearing route for the Arts Connect Leadership Development Programme. It’s a closed course for participants in the Arts Connect Leadership Development Programme only.

This programme is a leadership development programme specifically designed for arts and cultural sector professionals working in learning and engagement.

If you a leader, or an aspiring leader, working with or for children and young people in arts and cultural organisations then this programme will help you.

We see leaders in the arts and cultural sector as people who:

• Influence the direction of the work they and others provide for children and young people

• Create ideas and motivate others to join in and commit to their project

• Devise learning programmes for children and young people

To achieve the high quality work they deliver for children and young people they also:

• Manage teams of workshop leaders and artists

• Manage freelance staff

• Develop relationships with partner organisations to achieve common aims

• Develop and manage relationships with funding organisations and sponsors

And undertake many more tasks which require leadership skills.

Are you delivering, or you aspire to del some or all of the above activities?

If so this programme is designed to give you the support you need as a leader or aspiring leader in the arts and culture learning and engagement sector.