Dennis Turner Opportunity Fund

The Dennis Turner Opportunity Fund is now open!

To apply please log on to  your e:Vision account and click on the apply link under Dennis Turner on the Finance and Bursaries.

Through the Fund the University is showing its commitment to supporting students who find themselves in genuine financial hardship that might impact on their ability to continue on a course at the University.  Such hardship may arise as a result of a delay in receipt of statutory funding or may be due to unforeseen circumstances which may cause the student to withdraw from their course if support is not available.

Information on the fund itself

Below are some frequently asked questions including: if you are eligible; how to apply; when to apply; what evidence is required and how to submit it.

The Dennis Turner Opportunity Fund was set up by the University of Wolverhampton following the withdrawal by the Government of the ring-fenced Access to Learning Fund. 

Lord Bilston, the former Wolverhampton MP Dennis Turner, was a campaigner for social inclusion and justice.  He was a good friend to the University and was awarded an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Letters by the University in 2006 in recognition of his distinguished service to the people of Wolverhampton.  The new Fund has been named in his memory with kind agreement of his family.

Most awards made will be non-repayable, although some short term loans may be available to meet temporary hardship such as delayed funding or severe cash-flow problems. 

There are two types of awards:

Standard: to assist with specific course related costs such as childcare, books/equipment, travel or for general living costs.

Non-Standard: to help in a crisis situation such as the repair of essential household equipment or for travel home for serious family illness or bereavement, or where  a student may be considering giving up their course because of financial problems

The fund will also be able to assist will the costs of diagnostic tests (ie dyslexia full screening) and DSA shortfalls along with help for care leavers and estranged students with their financial needs.  

Before applying to the Dennis Turner Opportunity Fund, students are expected to have paid, or made arrangements to pay, their tuition fee and have applied for all the other loans, grants and bursaries that they are entitled to.

Support from the Dennis Turner Opportunity Fund cannot be granted to pay tuition fees, library fines or any other fines imposed by the University; or to support “lifestyle choices”. 

The following groups are priorities for support from the Fund:

  • Students with children
  • Disabled students (especially where DSA is unable to meet particular costs)
  • Students who have entered higher education from care for the period of time spanning their 16th birthday (regardless of age now)
  • Students who are 18 to 24 and have no communicative relationship with either living biological parent, or often their wider family
  • Students from Foyers or who are homeless
  • Students from low income families
  • Students receiving the final year loan rate 
  • Students who's courses have additional costs (for example, final year Arts students have to buy materials for their "show")

Home (UK) Students

Students can apply to the Fund if they:

  • are in proven genuine financial hardship
  • have taken up and are in receipt of all statutory support that is available i.e. Maintenance Loan/Tuition Fee Loan/NHS Bursary 
  • Postgraduate students must have paid, or made arrangements to pay, their tuition fees 

International and EU Students

International and EU students can only apply in extreme circumstances and will have to email with evidence that:   

  • the circumstances have changed since enrolling on the course or the consequences of a change of circumstances have not become apparent until after the student enrolled
  • their circumstances are unexpected and beyond the student and/or sponsor’s control 
  • the situation is temporary.  The student should be able to demonstrate that s/he requires short term help and sponsorship will resume in the future.

The Dennis Turner Opportunity Fund Panel will not normally award cash sums to international and EU students but may assist with renegotiating payment arrangements or reduce University accommodation or fee liability.

The fund opens from September and closes at the end of April every year, or until the funds are depleted, whichever is the sooner.

When the fund is open, you can apply via the Finance and Bursaries tab on e:Vision.  

Click the Scholarship and Bursaries button and then the Apply or upload evidence button then you can click apply for the Dennis Turner.

Help and support for applying can be found via:

Please note: your application is not complete until all supporting evidence has been received - to see what you need to supply use the evidence checklist below


Below is the list of evidence that we you need to upload to your application which you can also see at Evidence required for Dennis Turner

Please DO NOT scan anything that is not required, we only need the evidence that is listed and will contact you if further information is required.

If you have all the evidence ready BEFORE you apply you can upload it during the application process.  If you complete the application process and need to return to upload your evidence you can go back to where you clicked the apply button on your e:Vision and choose the upload evidence button instead.  

You can only upload 1 file/document in each slot but you can use additional slots that you do not require to upload additional evidence (ie you used the bank statement slot for your current account and you can use the any spare additional evidence slot(s) for your savings account, etc - just make sure you have named it appropriately)

Please note: when scanning a lot of information you should be able to scan 25 sides (12 to 13 sheets) of A4 papers which should not exceed the 4MB upload limit.


    • Current Funding evidence - Student Finance Notification letter from SFE for all undergraduate or postgraduate (masters) full and part-time students (all pages)/Current NHS/SW/TA Bursary notification
    • Accommodation costs – tenancy agreement (only pages showing name, address and amount are required)/recent mortgage statements. If you pay board you will need a signed letter from your parent/guardian stating the amount you pay.
    • 3 months’ most recent bank statements for each account you/partner hold.  You must explain any credit or debit transactions over £100 that appears on each of your statements.

We specifically look for:-

Account where your Student Funding is paid into
Account where your award (if successful) is to be paid into
Partner's account/s (if applicable)
Account where wages are paid into
Account where child benefit and child/work tax credit is paid into

Any other accounts you or your partner hold such as Savings, ISA, Credit Union etc. 

Mini statements are not acceptable - these statements must be consecutive and recent, show your name, bank details, transactions and bank balance.

Applications submitted without relevant bank statements will be rejected.

As applicable

  • Most recent Tax Credits Notification letter – all pages (can be downloaded from your Government Gateway account if you have one)
  • Foyer/Care Leaver letter from Local Authority/Foyer Federation
  • DSA2 (support approval letter)
  • Scholarship award letter
  • Professional and Career Development Loan letter – even if refused
  • Student’s three months’ wage slips
  • Evidence of any income from benefits – letter from DWP
  • Partner’s income if applicable – three months’ wage slips and bank statements for each of their accounts
  • Evidence of Council Tax
  • Proof of childcare costs for formal/informal. We require invoices or a letter from an informal provider, stating child(ren)'s name(s) and weekly/monthly amount(s)
  • Priority debts – proof of outstanding debts with repayment plans agreed through a Money Adviser (CAB; Step Change; Christians Against Poverty; etc)
  • Car costs – insurance certificate
  • any other relevant evidence

We DO NOT accept:

  • Credit card statements
  • Store cards
  • Utility bills (ie phone/gas/electricity/broadband/etc)
  • Any debts that you have accrued BEFORE you started your course

If you are only applying to the Dennis Turner Opportunity fund as one of the following, then you do not need to provide all the evidence stated above: care leaver, foyer, estranged (please click the link for more information), are a DSA bursary recipient

The only evidence you would need to provide would be:

Care Leaver - some evidence to show that you were in care, preferably from a Social Worker

Estranged - 3rd party evidence to show that you are estranged and have no contact with either of your parents

Foyer - 3rd party official evidence from a hostel

For the above we would also require:

  • Student Finance - current Student Finance Notification letter (all pages) which can be downloaded directly from your online account under Letters and Emails - click the link then download the pdf to save and then upload to your application - we require this to help ensure you are in receipt of the maximum amount of funding you are entitled to.
  • DSA equipment costs - copy of the DSA notification of entitlement letter - you can download directly from your online account with Student Finance - click Letters and Emails - click the link to DSA2 then download the pdf to save and then upload to your application
  • Bank Statement - 1 months recent bank statement - we do require a recent statement to confirm where you want any payment to go

To get help paying for a dyslexia assessment please follow these steps:

  • Contact SSW and let them know the situation
  • You will receive an email with an emergency loan form attached with a request for evidence.
  • Complete the Emergency Loan form and scan it back to along with the following evidence:
    • A recent bank statement showing your name, account number and sort code.
    • You will also need to send evidence of ID such as a valid passport or driving licence.

The email you send back must include your student number and 'Dyslexia assessment'  (you can copy and paste this) in the subject line.

Upon receipt your request will be processed and an Emergency Loan organised for you to collect from the MC Cashiers office (located on the ground floor of the MX Building).

The emergency loan will cover up to £300 for the full assessment and will also cover the pre assessment costs.  Once you have had the assessment and received the results please get a copy to SSW.  Upon receipt of that assessment the loan will be cleared and you will not have to pay it back.

You MUST provide us with the copy of the full assessment upon receipt or you will be liable to pay back the loan and may lose IT facilities.

All evidence needs to be uploaded no later than 7 working days after completing an application.

If you have all the evidence ready BEFORE you apply you can upload it during the application process.    

If you have not uploaded your evidence, you will need to do this in the Evidence Upload task on the Finance and Bursaries page on your e:Vision within the time limit provided or your application will be rejected.

You can only upload 1 file/document in each slot ensuring the 3 mandatory pieces are used correctly.  You can then use the additional evidence slots to upload any other evidence (ie you used the bank statement slot for your current account and you can use one of the additional evidence slots for your savings account - just make sure you have named it appropriately)

Please note: when scanning a lot of information you should be able to scan 25 sides (12 to 13 sheets) of A4 papers which should not exceed the 4MB upload limit.

Please ensure you appropriately name any uploaded evidence.  For example, you have scanned something using our scanners on campus and it emails it to your university email address but the name is a long series of numbers (the first being your student number).  Once you have saved it you can RIGHT click the mouse button over it and select RENAME.  We would suggest that you put your student number followed by what it is ie 1234567 Tax credits or 1234567 tenancy.  This way which ever slot you use it is obvious what the evidence is.

Full instructions on how to scan your evidence using the printers/scanners in university can be found on the Evidence required for Dennis Turner page.

Please DO NOT scan anything that is not required, we only need the evidence that is listed and will contact you if further information is required.

We only accept:

  • PDF's - this is what the printers/scanners in university create
  • .doc or .docx word documents - we accept these for personal statements only should you need to inform us of any additional information that you feel would be pertinent to your application.

We DO NOT accept:

  • image files of any sort (.png.jpeg; etc) - they are too large and not clear enough and with the availability of scanners on campus they should not be necessary
  • bank statements inserted on to word documents - a lot of students will add screenshots or photos of bank statements - these are rarely clear enough for us to accept
  • images of bank statements from mobile phones

Please note: when scanning a lot of information you should be able to scan 25 sides (12 to 13 sheets) of A4 papers which should not exceed the 4MB upload limit.

If for some reason you CANNOT come on to campus (most of our applicants either live close to or study at one of our campuses) then please contact us at with your student number in the subject line (we will only reply asking for it if you don't) stating your reasons for not being able to get on campus and we will advise you accordingly.

In exceptional circumstances emergency loans may be available to undergraduate full-time students, for example:

  • for first year undergraduate students where there has been a delay in funding
  • for continuing students where there has been a delay in funding due to circumstances beyond their control
  • where banking systems crash, a student may need to apply for a short term loan

Emergency loans are not normally available for postgraduate or international students.

To apply:

Once you are FULLY enrolled (including ID check for new students) simply ring us on (01902) 321070 explaining your personal circumstances and we will organise an appointment for you to come in explaining and evidence we may need.

You can pop into the MI001 or email for more help and guidance or to apply.

If you are an international student can require financial support/advice please contact or phone (01902) 322063. 

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently experiencing a high volume of applications which means that it is currently taking up to 8 weeks to process AFTER THE LAST PIECE OF EVIDENCE HAS BEEN UPLOADED, NOT from the submission date of the application.

The Dennis Turner Opportunity Fund Panel meets weekly to decide cases and we aim to normally process all complete application forms (where all evidence has been received) within 4 working weeks. If the Panel or an assessing officer requires more information to make an accurate decision however, or if information is missing or ambiguous, it may take longer to give you a decision.  Please note - your application will not be complete until all evidence has been received.

You will be notified of the Panel’s decision via email. The Dennis Turner Opportunity Fund Explanatory Guide (PDF 162K, Downloads file) is available from our website which explains how the assessment was made and what to do if you disagree with this decision. Awards may be made by instalments and may be subject to you seeking financial advice from a Money Adviser in the Advice and Support Centre. Their telephone number is (01902) 322038 or they offer drop-in appointments in MD Students’ Union (City Campus) or Walsall SU Bar and Café (Walsall Campus).

We may ask to see evidence of this before further awards can be released. This should be clear from your award email, however if you do not understand how the decision has been made, please contact the Funding Support team on (01902) 321070 or via email at

NHS Learning Support Fund

Information on funding support available for healthcare students who started their course on or after 1 August 2017.

Did you know that there is a pot of money that you may be eligible for?

Students who started a new nursing, midwifery or Allied Health Professional course on or after 1 August 2017 may be eligible to apply for financial support from the Learning Support Fund (LSF). This offers support for:

  • Students with at least one dependent child (Child Dependants Allowance) as long as child financially dependent on you (£1000 non-repayable grant if awarded)
  • Travel and Dual Accommodation Expenses for a placement
  • Students experiencing extreme financial hardship (Exceptional Support Fund)

If you are a student continuing on a healthcare course that commenced prior to 1 August 2017 and have not changed your study pattern in any way, you are classed as a continuing student and you will not be eligible to apply for any the Learning Support Fund allowances 


If you started a course prior to 1 August 2017 but have changed your study pattern and are returning to a different programme, study year or any other form of variation to study, you will need to check with us (Funding Support Team) on your funding support entitlement.

The following guidance video provides an overview of what you can expect from the Learning Support Fund.

Where can I get further advice about the Dennis Turner Opportunity Fund?

Contact the Funding Support Team on:

Tel: 01902 321070
Email:  (putting your student number clearly in the subject line)

or drop in to our offices at City Campus, MI001, Alan Turing Building  (see interactive map below)

Where can I get additional financial advice?

For further financial advice, contact Students’ Union Advice and Support Centre on

Tel: 01902 322038
or drop in to our offices at City Campus, MD Building – City Campus interactive map