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Dennis Turner Hardship Fund

The University's hardship fund is currently open for applications

Through the Fund the University is showing its commitment to supporting students who find themselves in genuine financial hardship that might impact on their ability to continue on a course at the University.  Such hardship may arise as a result of a delay in receipt of statutory funding or may be due to unforeseen circumstances which may cause the student to withdraw from their course if support is not available.

Most awards made will be non-repayable, although some short term loans may be available to meet temporary hardship such as delayed funding or severe cash-flow problems. 

If you are studying on a Nursing, Midwifery or Allied Health Professional course, you may be eligible to apply for additional financial support from the Learning Support Fund (LSF).

How do I apply to the Dennis Turner Hardship Fund?

  1. Click on Finance button on the homepage of your e:Vision
  2. Click on Scholarships and Bursaries
  3. Click on the Apply or upload evidence for the Dennis Turner Hardship Fund button

Then choose which fund you are applying for from the drop-down list.

What can I apply for?

There are 3 different applications available:

Apply for this fund if you are facing genuine financial hardship.

Please make sure you have all relevant evidence saved and ready to upload in the correct format (pdf or word document only) before you apply.  For a full list of what you will need to provide please see our Evidence required for Dennis Turner page.

PLEASE NOTE: any incomplete forms or applications without all relevant evidence uploaded prior to submission may be automatically rejected.

This application is only for those students who are a Care Leaver, estranged from family or are in receipt of help via the DSA for computer equipment but have to pay the 1st £200 themselves.

Evidence required:

  • Care Leaver - some evidence to show that you were in care, preferably from a Social Worker (unless ppreviously supplied)
  • Estranged - 3rd party evidence to show that you are estranged and have no contact with either of your parents (unless previously supplied)
  • DSA Computing Equipment - copy of the DSA notification of entitlement letter - you can download directly from your online account with Student Finance - click Letters and Emails - click the link to DSA2 then download the pdf to save and then upload to your application

Also required:

  • Bank Statement - 1 months recent bank statement - we do require a recent statement to confirm where you want any payment to go

This application is for those students who require a full diagnositic test for any Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD's) such as dyslexia.

Evidence required:

  • Evidence that you require a full assessment - could be an initial report or email showing you have an appointment booked
  • A recent bank statement showing your name, account number and sort code.

The emergency loan will cover up to £300 for the full assessment and will also cover the pre assessment costs.  Once you have had the assessment and received the results please get a copy to SSW.  Upon receipt of that assessment the loan will be cleared and you will not have to pay it back.

You MUST provide us with the copy of the full assessment upon receipt or you will be liable to pay back the loan and may lose IT facilities.



Home (UK) Students

Students can apply to the Fund if they:

  • are in proven genuine financial hardship
  • have taken up and are in receipt of all statutory support that is available i.e. Maintenance Loan/Tuition Fee Loan/NHS Bursary 
  • Postgraduate students must have paid, or made arrangements to pay, their tuition fees 

International and EU Students

International and EU students can only apply in extreme circumstances and will have to email with evidence that:   

  • the circumstances have changed since enrolling on the course or the consequences of a change of circumstances have not become apparent until after the student enrolled
  • their circumstances are unexpected and beyond the student and/or sponsor’s control 
  • the situation is temporary.  The student should be able to demonstrate that s/he requires short term help and sponsorship will resume in the future.

The Dennis Turner Hardship Fund Panel will not normally award cash sums to international and EU students but may assist with renegotiating payment arrangements or reduce University accommodation or fee liability.

The fund opens from October and closes at the end of April every year, or until the funds are depleted, whichever is the sooner.

When the fund is open, you can apply via e:Vision.  

  1. Click on the Finance button on your Homepage
  2. Click on Scholarships and Bursaries
  3. Click on Apply or upload evidence for the Dennis Turner Fund

Choose the appropriate fund from the drop-down box and click apply.

Help and support for applying can be found via:

Please note: your application is not complete until all supporting evidence has been received - to see what you need to supply see Evidence required for Dennis Turner (full assessment)

When we allocate awards, we are asked to give priority to the following groups:

  • Students with children
  • Disabled students (especially where DSA is unable to meet particular costs)
  • Students who have entered higher education from care for the period of time spanning their 16th birthday (regardless of age now)
  • Students who are 18 to 24 and have no communicative relationship with either living biological parent, or often their wider family
  • Students from Foyers or who are homeless
  • Students from low income families
  • Students receiving the final year loan rate 
  • Students who's courses have additional costs (for example, final year Arts students have to buy materials for their "show")
  • Students who suffer unforeseen change of circumstances during their studies

If you are not in one of the priority groups you can still apply but you must provide as much evidence as possible to show whu you have a particular need.


We DO NOT accept:

  • Credit card statements
  • Store cards
  • Utility bills (ie phone/gas/electricity/broadband/etc)
  • Any debts that you have accrued BEFORE you started your course

All evidence needs to be uploaded during the application process before submitting an application.

Make sure you have all the evidence ready BEFORE you apply so you can easily upload it during the application process.    

You can save and exit at any point and can upload evidence seperaately using the Evidence Upload task on the apply page on your e:Vision - this can also be used if more information is requested by the Funding Team but must be done within the time limit provided or your application will be rejected.

Please ensure you appropriately name any uploaded evidence.  For example, you have scanned something using our scanners on campus and it emails it to your university email address but the name is a long series of numbers (the first being your student number).  Once you have saved it you can RIGHT click the mouse button over it and select RENAME.  We would suggest that you put your student number followed by what it is ie 1234567 Tax credits or 1234567 tenancy.  This way which ever slot you use it is obvious what the evidence is.

Full instructions on how to scan your evidence using the printers/scanners in university can be found on the How to Print, Scan and Copy page.

Please DO NOT scan anything that is not required, we only need the evidence that is listed and will contact you if further information is required.

In exceptional circumstances emergency loans may be available to undergraduate full-time students, for example:

  • for first year undergraduate students where there has been a delay in funding
  • for continuing students where there has been a delay in funding due to circumstances beyond their control
  • where banking systems crash, a student may need to apply for a short term loan

Emergency loans are not normally available for postgraduate or international students.

To apply:

Once you are FULLY enrolled (including ID check for new students) simply email (clearly put your student number in the subject line) for more help and guidance or to apply.

If you are an international student can require financial support/advice please contact (with your student number). 

The Dennis Turner Hardship Fund Panel meets weekly to decide cases and we aim to normally process all complete application forms (where all evidence has been received) within 4 working weeks. If the Panel or an assessing officer requires more information to make an accurate decision however, or if information is missing or ambiguous, it may take longer to give you a decision.  Please note - your application will not be complete until all evidence has been received.

You will be notified of the Panel’s decision via email. The Dennis Turner Opportunity Fund Explanatory Guide (PDF 162K, Downloads file) is available from our website which explains how the assessment was made and what to do if you disagree with this decision. Awards may be made by instalments and may be subject to you seeking financial advice. 

We may ask to see evidence of this before further awards can be released. This should be clear from your award email, however if you do not understand how the decision has been made, please contact the Funding Support team via email at (putting your student number in the subject line).

Where can I get further advice about the Dennis Turner Hardship Fund?

Contact the Funding Support Team via email:  (putting your student number clearly in the subject line)

Where can I get additional financial advice?

For further financial advice, contact Students’ Union Advice and Representation Centre via their online enquiry form: