HND Animal Behaviour and Wildlife Conservation

The HND Animal Behaviour and Wildlife Conservation is designed to develop your interest, knowledge and understanding of the behaviour of animals and the issues that affect their conservation. The course focuses on animals in their natural environments. Whichever elements of the course you prefer, at the end of your studies you will be able to use the knowledge of the behaviour and biology of animals in order to contribute effectively to their protection and conservation.

Importantly, you will have lots of opportunities to develop your practical skills in behavioural observation, species survey and wildlife conservation. The emphasis will be on wildlife species and their conservation in the UK, with field visits and residential fieldwork integral to the course, however there is a distinct international perspective to your studies as we draw on examples from around the world. You will use subject-specific IT, including geographical information systems, digital media, Global Positioning Systems and animal tracking technologies.
The species you will encounter cover the entire range from the animals found in your immediate environment, such as garden birds and butterflies, through to the large, charismatic mammals such as wolves, tigers and elephants.
The mix of field-based information collection and recording, practical activity and class-based work you will do is unmatched in most other subject areas. The degree will allow you to pursue your passion for animals and give you a head-start in securing your ideal career, as well as giving you experiences that will last a lifetime.