BA (Hons) Media, Film and Television Studies

Join us at the University of Wolverhampton to study Media, Film and Television Studies and you will explore a wide range of media forms from classic cinema to social media. This will challenge and expand your understanding of the significance and role of cinema, television and digital media for society.

Educational Aims of the Course

On the course in Media, Film and Television Studies you will analyse films and other media texts, such as advertisements, and discuss how these reflect and shape our understanding of gender, ethnicity, sexuality and other aspects of identity and culture. The study of Media with Film and Television Studies will develop the analytical skills needed for students to gain a greater understanding of their own culture and the culture of others.

 In Media, Film and Television Studies students will consider a range of filmic televisual and other media texts from different cultures, different directors and various genres. Students will develop analytical skills in order to understand how film and media texts can construct meaning, and inform cultural and political attitudes. Students will explore how audiences actively engage with these different media forms. On this course students will also gain an understanding of the film and media industries, and investigate the political, economic and cultural contexts of film and media production.

Throughout, students will be given the academic, philosophical and contextual tools with which to critically examine the process of literary, filmic and televisual production, texts and reception and to make informed judgements about literary value and cultural capital. It will enable students to communicate more effectively using the written and spoken word.

Students will acquire a range of subject specific and transferable skills, including higher order conceptual and communication skills, independence, enterprise, digital literacy and IT awareness, all of which are of immense value in graduate employment.