BA (Hons) Film and Television Production

Do you want to make films and TV programmes? Do you have ambitions to become a director, producer, editor, or camera operator? This course can help you in a number of ways. The main aim is for you to develop the skills needed to create and produce films and television programmes in a variety of existing and evolving contexts for viewing and distribution – including broadcast television, online, and in cinemas. Additionally, the course will extend your understanding of the reach, responsibility and influence of “content”, the means of production, and distribution. It has a particular emphasis upon the sensibilities of social action and inclusion that underpin global citizenship and that could shape the entrepreneurial and employment landscape that production graduates will enter - and influence – when they complete their studies.

The emphasis on the management of challenging, complex productions will provide you with a powerful set of skills, which will enhance your employability in any field, as will the experience of effective working with others as you collaborate with fellow students, clients, commissioners, actors and other participants in the films/programmes you make.

On completion of the course;

  1. You will be a videographer/programme-maker/film-maker who may have chosen to develop a specialism in one or more areas of production, such as directing, producing, editing, camera, sound, writing.
  2. You will have worked on a range of film/programme types, including documentary, drama, social action, commercial and studio-based productions – including, when appropriate, live briefs and commissions.
  3. You will have abilities in the analysis of media texts, skills in project management and effective methods of working with other people and organisations.
  4. You will have had the opportunity of taking a sandwich year in industry or a work placement to enhance your employability and industry networks. 
  5. You will have explored a range of entrepreneurial and industrial contexts in which you might find employment and you will have prepared an action plan for your future employment and your continued professional development.

As this is a brand new course for 2017/18 the Uni Stats data is not accurate since there are no previous students to report statistics on. Please feel free to contact us for more details