The University of Wolverhampton Telford Innovation Campus is committed to meeting the catering needs of all its students, staff and visitors. As quality, nutritional value and sustainability of food are high profile topics, the University  now conducts the following key practices:


Catering for Life bronze award

Telford Innovation Campus received The Food for Life Catering Mark, administered by the Soil Association, which recognises excellent practice, rewarding commitment to independent standards of ethical and environmentally sustainable food sourcing, and providing freshly-prepared, healthy meals. The bronze standard criteria includes no undesirable additives or trans fats and at least 75% of dishes are freshly prepared from unprocessed.


Animal Welfare

All of our Eggs are free range.  We currently hold a Good Egg Award.  All fresh meat used in our kitchens is required to meet the Red Tractor standard and is from a local butcher, so is of British Origin. We source our milk from a local Dairy and Telford Innovation Campus uses only Organic milk.


Fruit & Vegetables

As far as possible we source produce from as locally as possible. Seasonal produce is used throughout our menus to help keep our prices are reasonable as possible.


MSC fish

In March 2014 The University of Wolverhampton Telford Innovation Campus received received Marine Stewardship Council Certification for all fish products which meet higher standards of fishing with a particular focus on marine conservation & sustainable fishing . This certification process ensures that MSC fish and seafood is traced all the way back to the fisherman.



The University of Wolverhampton is a Fairtrade accredited university with all our sugar, coffee and tea fairtrade as well as large range of other products such as biscuits, cakes and bananas.


Reducing Waste

Telford Innovation Campus are currently leading the way in recycling. We currently recycle paper, card, tetra paks, oil, food waste, plastic bottles, cans and even used Coffee grounds!

Carbon Certificate