Proof of Tuition Fees Support or Sponsorship

Please read this page carefully as it refers to important information about who is going to pay your fees.

Student Loans Company (SLC) Sponsored Students

If your tuition fee is being paid in full or part by a tuition fee loan from the Student Loans Company (SFE, SFW, SFNI or SAAS), the University will receive confirmation of this directly from the relevant SLC and you do not need to provide us with a copy of your Financial Assessment form.

If you are eligible for a maintenance loan from the Student Loans Company the first instalment will be paid directly into your bank account at the start of term providing you have completed your enrolment with the University. Payments will not be made until term has started even if you enrol earlier. 

If you are a new student to the University but originally applied to the SLC for support for a course at another institution, you will need to contact your Student Office so that we can record your Student Support Number (SSN) which will be used to confirm your attendance to the SLC. It is only when we have this number that your loan will be released.

Other Sponsors

If your fees are being paid in full or part by another sponsor (such as an employer) you will need to provide documentary evidence of this in the form of an official order or an official letter signed by an authorised person (usually Director/Manager/Training Officer etc) which gives details of the extent of the sponsorship, your student number, and the course and academic period for which you are being sponsored.

This letter should be taken to your Student Office during Welcome Week or you can upload it onto your e:Vision account.

If you do not supply the above proof of sponsorship then you will be personally invoiced for the full fee. Invoices are payable within 28 days.

Further information on how to apply for financial support.


If you are a serving member of military personnel, or have left but are still eligible to apply for support through the Enhanced Learning Credit Scheme, then more information on how to apply can be found at The University is registered with ELCAS so, as long as your course is on the approved list, then you can use the credits towards the cost of your course. 

Information for All

If you receive a reminder or notification via e:Vision that your fees are unpaid then you must act immediately to resolve the situation.

You can contact our finance department with a fee enquiry on If the fees are unpaid by your sponsor then you must prompt them to pay -

Please remind your sponsor that the payment must reference your student number and/or the invoice number (so we know who they are paying for).

If, for any reason, you believe that your fees are incorrect then you should contact your Student Office or, in the first instance, raise a query through the on-line help desk via e:Vision.

It is essential that if you think there is a problem that you act to resolve this swiftly - don't ignore reminders for payment, don't wait until the end of the year and check e:Vision regularly for updates.

All Students are individually responsible for the payment of their fees - it is your responsibility to ensure that your sponsor has paid any fees by the due date as the consequences of non-payment will impact on your ability to access essential University Services. When you enrol on a course with the University you accept this liability personally and must advise of us any sponsor arrangements.