What's included in your course tuition fee

We’re committed to providing you with a transparent fee structure, with no hidden costs, to help you make an informed decision about studying at the University of Wolverhampton.

The Tuition Fee for all courses is payable on an annual basis and may be subject to an inflationary increase in every year where this is permitted. The University uses the Consumer Price Index (CPI) as an estimation of inflationary increases – as published by the Office for National Statistics.

What’s included in your course fee?

  • All appropriate teaching, supervision, assessment and examination towards your intended award.
  • Access to the University’s superb learning and support systems, and facilities.
  • Essential learning materials for skills development in connection with your studies. This can include uniforms, lab coats, and other essential or mandatory clothing and kit.
  • All essential or compulsory field trips (not including food and drink, but including standard travel) and activities directly related to your assessment.

What isn’t included in your course fees?

  • Cost of additional examinations for any award other than the intended award.
  • Personal membership to professional bodies.
  • Additional materials beyond the standard provision we supply. There may be some additional costs in some subjects, for example in Art & Design, the cost of consumable materials is borne by the student, depending on their area of interest. In such cases though, you get to keep the item you’ve produced.
  • Optional field trips and enhancement activities for personal development.
  • Travel costs to and from placements.
  • The cost of any Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check or Occupational Health Assessment where these are required by the University or placement provider. Please note that for some Allied Health Professional courses these may be paid for by the University. 
  • Printing and photocopying.
  • Library fees and fines.
  • Text books.

How we calculate your course fees

Each year, we review and calculate our course fees based on the following criteria:

  • Cost to University
  • Market demand
  • Inflation
  • Changes to Government policy

Course fees for the following academic year normally increase in line with inflation and are usually announced and published to our website by the previous Spring.

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Research fees and costs

Exceptions and Conditions

The tuition fee levied is on the basis of a normal progression or completion of your registered modules.

Additional fees will be charged if you are required to retake a module, or there are other non-standard requirements. These standards are applied to all of the University’s undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, taught in the UK, where a tuition fee is levied.

Fee Liability

Tuition fee liability determines:

  • When the cooling-off periods start
  • When you become liable for tuition fees
  • How much money you can have back if you leave or suspend your studies.

Liability points identify the proportion of the annual tuition fee that incurred by specific dates within an academic year. More information on the amount of fee that you will owe if you withdraw from the course can be found at Tuition Fee Refund and Debtor Policy

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