Top accreditation for fire and rescue degree

The BSc (Hons) Fire and Rescue has received accreditation from the Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE).

Wolverhampton students are encouraged to become student members of the IFE when they join the University and to apply for full Membership status when they graduate. The accreditation enables graduates to become members of the IFE without taking further professional examinations.

The BSc (Hons) Fire and Rescue is now in its second year and aims to offer a well-balanced and highly relevant professional programme of study for students intending to seek a career in the fire and rescue services or industrial and aviation sector.

Dr Martin Wright, Director of the Central Institute for the Study of Public Protection at the University of Wolverhampton, said: “We are delighted to have received this recognition from the Institution of Fire Engineers.

“The accreditation of the degree by the IFE is important as it is formal recognition by one of the leading fire and rescue professional bodies of the academic standards and operational relevance of the programme.

“We have recruited very well for this academic year, and we are now enrolling students who already work in the fire & rescue industry as well as those hoping to pursue a new career in the services.”

The University degree is specifically designed to equip students for a future career as a professional fire fighter. Students are required during their three years of study to become community volunteers with West Midlands Fire and Rescue service and undertake the initial fire fighters training programme.

The vocational course was developed in conjunction with West Midlands Fire and Rescue service and in consultation with the Fire Service College.


Picture: A picture of the accreditation presentation is available on request - please contact Vickie Warren in the Media Relations Office on 01902 322736.

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