Tuition Fees 2012

and £7,000 per annum for University-based Foundation Degrees, HNC and HND courses, subject to agreement with the Office for Fair Access (OFFA).

The new fee levels have been proposed to enable the University to compensate for the withdrawal of Government funding and maintain a quality student experience and student facilities. We will continue to offer our students the opportunity to learn in a first class environment, be taught by leading academic experts and engage with industry, business and the professions in their chosen discipline.

We have consulted widely with key stakeholders and with the Governing body, which includes representatives from staff and the Students’ Union, about this decision and recognise that if we are to continue to provide our students with the best possible education, then this is the level of tuition fee we need to charge.

It is important to remember that the fee does not have to be paid up front. There are government loans to cover the cost of tuition fees, which graduates only start to pay back when they are earning over £21,000 a year. There are also loans to cover living costs and non-repayable government grants for students which are linked to household income. In addition, there will be a National Scholarship Scheme to help students from lower income households. The University of Wolverhampton has been awarded 210 of these scholarships and intends to match these with a further 210 scholarships.

Vice-Chancellor, Professor Caroline Gipps, said: “We have come to this decision after careful consideration with stakeholders and through conducting research amongst prospective students, their parents and careers advisors. The University delivers an exceptional student experience, including considerable employment support. This is borne out by the fact that almost 90% of our graduates go into employment or further study after graduating. I am confident that our whole package will represent an ‘open and fair’ deal for future generations of students who choose to study at the University of Wolverhampton.”

Michael Elliott, Chair of the Board of Governors, said: “We are confident that in these challenging times the fee level and consequent student support package, yet to be agreed with OFFA, will ensure that the University can continue to invest in the quality teaching, research and student experience offered by the University.”

Ken Harris, President of the Students’ Union, said: “The Government’s decision to reduce the funding it provides to universities and pass the burden onto students will severely disadvantage students and plunges them into a long future of debt.

“The Students’ Union has been involved in the fee setting consultation process and has been able to ensure that the needs of students are considered. We are satisfied that the University’s decision to set the tuition fee level at £8,500 has been based on a wide range of consultation. We continue to work closely with the university and insist that they introduce a series of additional financial support funding and an enhanced scholarship package to enable fair access to those students with a greater need. As always we are here to offer support, guidance and advice to any current or potential student, and we continue to campaign against any changes that adversely affect all students.”


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