University commended by education watchdogs


The Quality Assurance Agency (QAA), which reviews UK higher education teaching, today (FRI APR 17) published a report on the University based on its findings.

Overall, the audit team said confidence could be placed in the management of academic standards and the high quality of learning experiences available to students.

Inspectors also praised the University for its ‘regard for the student voice’.

They identified several areas of good practice, including study skills support, Learning and Information Services and IT Services, as well the work of the Quality and Academic Standards Division.

The University’s close working partnership with the Student’s Union was also highlighted. The report stated: “The audit team considered that there was substantial evidence to support the conclusion that the University was both attentive and responsive to the views of its students.”

The report identified the ‘critical role’ of the University’s Institute for Learning Enhancement, which develops initiatives to enhance the quality, relevance, effectiveness and efficiency of the University’s learning environment

In addition, the report stated there was ‘considerable evidence of ongoing good practice in relation to the use of technology to support learning.’

Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor Geoff Hurd said: “We are delighted that the report from the QAA has commended the University and highlighted many areas of good practice.

“I am very pleased that there is confidence in soundness of our management of academic standards and the quality of learning experiences. It is also important that we are responding to the needs of our students and we will continue to build on this success in the future.”

Inspectors acknowledged the University’s efforts to widen higher education participation and links with schools and colleges, stating: “This commitment is demonstrated through the University’s strenuous efforts to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse student body.”

The QAA examined research standards for the first time, concluding that these contributed to the effective management of learning opportunities. They also looked at collaborative delivery of programmes with partners both in the UK and overseas.

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