Make a Freedom of Information Request

How do I lodge a Freedom of Information request?

A Freedom of Information application must be made in writing.


A valid Freedom of Information request should:

  • Be in writing (emails are acceptable). Requests for environmental information can be verbal e.g. a telephone request, and should be dealt with in accordance with Environmental Information Regulations
  • Include the name and address of the applicant (an email address is valid)
  • Describe the information required

If your request does not contain sufficient information to proceed, you will be contacted and asked to provide further information. The 20 working day deadline will not commence until the necessary information has been received. The individual must be provided with advice and assistance in making their request and describing the information requested, where necessary.

To make a Freedom of Information request you can use the FOI request form or send an email to, or please write to:


Head of Information Governance - Data Protection Officer and Information Rights Manager

Corporate Compliance 

University of Wolverhampton

Wulfruna Building

Wulfruna Street

Wolverhampton, WV1 1LY


At the time of making a Freedom of Information request, please, provide as much detail as possible, so we can process your request in a timely and concise manner.

Making a request online

The University aims to make as much information as possible available on our website. 

Information about the business of the University can be found on the policies and regulations page and in the about us section. You may also find relevant information on the University's Guide to Information (Publication Scheme), which details the information we make available and the format in which it can be obtained.

If the information you require is not already available, please complete the form below. Alternatively you may email a FOI request to 

If you require assistance in completing the form please e-mail us at or telephone 01902 321181.