A countdown of quirky Wulfrunian highlights

Wolverhampton is brimming with beautiful – and curious – spaces. Whether you already know the city and have your own list, or will soon be exploring it as a new student, check out some of our social and digital team’s favourite surprises.

1) W‌atch out for the wolf!

The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing over the Art Gallery is our favourite Wulfrunian quirk! It's such a strange mechanical beast. So many people don't know it's there or are rushing past as the buses go by. It runs every hour during the day and is worth waiting for if you're passing by (it appears over the balcony a few minutes after the hour). You might get a strange look or two from people as you stand still and stare up - but it's worth it! Free your creativity at Wolverhampton.

 Wolf in sheep's clothing

2) Let your cares float away

We love the little stretch of canal by Wednesfield Road - you can feel like you've completely escaped the bustle of the city and been transported to another era. Just a hop, skip and jump from the bus and train stations, it's like another world. It would be so tempting to jump on a boat and float away...

 Wolverhampton canal and boat

3) Explore a different viewpoint

There are some great views in Wolverhampton. There's nothing like getting up high for a different perspective on things. One of our favourites is from the top of the car park at the train station - you get a really great view across the city! Expand your view with the University of Wolverhampton.

Wolverhampton panorama 

4) Your own patch of green

We love Wolverhampton's green spaces! Not just the amazing parks and countryside beyond the city centre, but little spots like the random little square of greenery by the Chubb Building, St Peter's Gardens or the central reservation between Molineux and the uni - like a park in miniature! They give us a checking-in point with nature in the city, providing space to clear your head. Explore your headspace with Psychology at Wolverhampton.

Slade Rooms

5) Seek out those sculptures

We’re all minding our money – whether on a student budget or not – but if you're popping to the Waitrose off the Penn Road for some treats or offers, make sure you check out the sculpture of a motorcyclist they've got there. Wolverhampton is littered with all sorts of sculptures hidden away and worth seeking out. ['The Lone Rider' - designed by Steve Field and carved by Rob Bowers - marks the site of A.J.S. Motor Cycles company] Discover our engineering excellence.

 Lone Rider sculpture

6) Wolverhampton and the Plaque Country

We're big fans of London's blue plaques. Wolverhampton has loads of its own though, with great new bits of information - like the fact that one of the signatories of America's Declaration of Independence, Button Gwinnett, was married in St Peter's Church! So keep your eyes open at the buildings around you - you may get a bit of sneaky insider knowledge about the city that could come in useful for quizzes! Discover history and politics at Wolverhampton.

 Button Gwinnett blue plaque

7) Beautiful details while pottering about

If you've got an interest in ceramics, there are intriguing  bits of mosaic, tiles and ornamentation all around the city, especially in doorways or high up on walls. We particularly love that The Posada has so much gorgeous tiling still in place! Discover your art with us.

The Posada sign 

8) Architectural delights to discover

We love Wolverhampton's architecture! There are loads of gorgeous architectural gems dotted about and hidden in the city. It really pays to look up! We particularly like the swirly gingerbread-house style building on the corner of Queen Street  - even if it makes us reach for the biscuit tin! Build your future with us.

Queen street building façade